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Introducing .netTiers

.netTiers is a set of open source code generation templates that simplify the tasks of creating customized Application Tiers for your Microsoft.Net applications in just a few minutes.

.netTiers utilizes the power of the best code generation tool available today, CodeSmith Generator. .netTiers generated architecture is custom to your domain, uses familiar patterns, and follows the guidance of Microsoft's recommended patterns and practices. In fact, the .netTiers base architecture is built upon the Microsoft Enterprise Library Application Blocks. Oh right, .netTiers is FREE!

Nettiers is maintained and supported by a community of volunteers through github.

How easy is .netTiers?

  1. Point the .netTiers templates to an existing MS SQL Server, Oracle, or MySQL Database
  2. Choose your favorite options.
  3. Watch in amazement as hundreds of man hours are literally saved in a few moments.


  • Generates a fully compilable solution along with separate projects and framework tiers for your application. You can start working on an application immediately after generating.
  • Creates a full suite of stored procedures that are specialized towards your domain. This code can run inline, as parameterized SQL as well and does not have to be used as procedures.
  • Automatically generates entity objects and their relationship objects as a domain based on the tables of your database.
  • Advanced Entity Validation Rule Engine, which can use any of the pre-created or use delegates for any custom rules.
  • Classes include both partial classes and concrete classes throughout so that you can customize logic that will not be overwritten.
  • Uses a custom generic List for collections that supports all .net ComponentModel interfaces and more, and are Bindable, Sortable, and Filterable.
  • Creates a full website project, already pre-configured and ready to begin coding against your data immediately.
  • Creates a full set of administration web controls that serves as a basic yet fully functional web administration console for database.
  • Creates a full set of typed DataSource controls for your entire API with design time support, they are similar to the ObjectDataSource, only these are full featured and are actually developer friendly.
  • Creates a full web service SOAP API for your domain, perfect for a .NET WinForms or smart client application and is simple to configure.
  • Creates a full suite of unit tests for the data providers and provides about 50% coverage. These tests are for nUnit or Visual Studio Team System.
  • Code is fully commented throughout and ready for your documentation needs. Also follows Microsoft naming guidelines throughout.
  • Any code placed in a special folder in any of the projects, which by default is called App_Code, will automatically be included the generated project.
  • The Data API consists of query support by Primary Key, Foreign Key, Indexes, ManyToMany join relationships, All, Paged Select with Filter, and Find, along with database write methods such as Insert/Update/Delete.
  • You can create your own custom stored procedures for your entities and .netTiers will generate a wrapper and all the plumbing for that procedure. This enables you to have your own logic within the .netTiers API.
  • You can enable an auto generated Caching layer for most methods in the Service layer. This saves you the work of having to create or maintain a Cache for any of those small tables and settings you do not want to keep going back to the database to get. The Cache layer supports refresh and removal of objects, as well as accepting a Policy object if needed.

Special Thanks

The .netTiers team would like to say thank you to the companies listed below for contributing resources to this project.

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