A simple demonstration of the ProseMirror example setup bundled with Rollup.
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A Prosemirror starter app


From the ProseMirror project owner/docs:

The fact that ProseMirror isn't distributed as a single, browser-loadable script means that you'll probably want to use some kind of bundler when using it. A bundler is a tool that automatically finds your script's dependencies, and combines them into a single big file that you can easily load from a web page.

He is being kind. You will have to use a bundler, so let's save a bit of time, not debate which bundler is best, and just offer a simple, minimal starter-app implementing the Prosemirror repo prosemirror-example-setup with the Javacript bundler RollUp. (Webpackers, see Notes below.)

This is purely a demonstration project that combines the common conventions and rollup.config.js file from the rollup-starter-app repo with the modules located in the repo prosemirror-example-setup.

It is NOT a production grade implementation. Please say that aloud. And again, once more.


  1. Clone the repo.
  2. Install the dependencies.
  3. Run the 'dev' script from package-json ( npm run dev).
  4. Inspect the app in a browser at localhost:5000.


This point of this project is merely to document how to get up and running with a minimal editor with RollUp. It is not production-worthy.

Additionally, this project is not affiliated with Prosemirror; he can change things and we will never be informed. That is how it should be, right?

If you prefer to use Webpack for bundling, another dev (not me) offers this repo:

Vue.js lovers might be interested in this one:

Prosemirror is not another jquery plugin or drop-in widget. Instead it is thoughtful take on the problems inherent in the lame HTML attribute contenteditable. In other words, read the project docs.