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Welcome to the Cojiro wiki. We'll use this space to offer a bit more detail on various aspects of the project.


Netalab is Chris Salzberg (@shioyama), Tomomi Sasaki (@tzsasaki) and Taku Nakajima (@essa). Cojiro is something we're building because we need it. We do this mostly in our free time, but recently got a small grant from Global Voices and the Omidyar Network to cover basic costs.

Getting involved

Cojiro is a shoestring affair and we appreciate contributions from the community! If you're interested in getting involved in the coding effort, please fork the code base, create a branch, tinker around and send us a pull request if you have any changes or additions you think we should incorporate. Alternatively, if you find bugs or have ideas for features, post them as issues and we'll see what we can do.

See the Coding guidelines section for more details on contributing to the coding effort.

Once the project gets to the beta testing phase, we'll also be looking for groups to use the platform and provide feedback. The Global Voices community is our main target group, but we're keen to get feedback from other communities as well.