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Use Cesium in the real angular way!

Getting Started

bower install angular-cesium


Using angular-cesium is easy as pie! Just add it as a dependency:

angular.module('myModule', ['angularCesium'])
  .controller('myController', function ($scope, ObservableCollection, Cesium) {
    // Be sure to change the Bing Maps Api Key!
    Cesium.BingMapsApi.defaultKey = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx';
    $scope.layers = [];
    $scope.billboards = new ObservableCollection();
    $scope.billboards.add(0, {
      image : 'favicon.ico',
      color : 'blue',
      position : {
        latitude : 31,
        longitude : 34,
        altitude : 500

And start using the map components!

  <ac-web-map-service-layer ng-repeat="layer in layers" url="layer.url" layers="layer.layers"></ac-web-map-service-layer>
        <ac-billboard ng-repeat="billboard in billboards.getData()"

Example Project(s)


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