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@@ -74,10 +74,6 @@ Phoenix Theme ships with 5 alternate color styles.
You can colorize or not the text label (filename) of the current tab, for that, we propose to define a custom settings in `Sublime Text 2 -> Preferences -> Settings - User`
- "phoenix_highlight_current_tab": true
-![Phoenix Dark Color Tab Style True](
"phoenix_highlight_current_tab": false
![Phoenix Dark Color Tab Style False](
@@ -101,12 +97,6 @@ Phoenix Theme has been designed to take advantage of retina resolution (high-dpi
Sublime Text 2 provides an elegant way to tweak existing themes without having to duplicate or maintain a separate copy of the original theme. If there are aspects of Soda Theme that you would like to adjust, take a look at the [theme customisation]( wiki page.
-## Development
-Please note, Sublime Text dev builds move quickly and changes can occur with the theme API between releases, so there may be occasions where the theme doesn't quite work with a brand new dev release.
-While developing the theme, I have documented some [theme challenges and ideas]( encountered along the way.
## License
Soda Theme is licensed under the [Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License]( You are free to share and remix the theme, however please abide by the license terms when doing so.

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