How to enable Regex highlighting in Find/Change palette? #10

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Standard theme has it but none of custom themes do. Is it possible to enable this feature?

netatoo commented Dec 28, 2012

By Standard theme, you mean the Default.sublime-theme or the Soda theme ?


The Default one.


On 29 December 2012 02:58, Simon Martins wrote:

By Standard theme, you mean the Default.sublime-theme or the Soda theme ?

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If you want a theme used in your regex input panel, just create a Widget.sublime-settings file in your User folder and add the following line (switching out setting for the theme of your choice; I am using my own custom variation of Tomorrow-Night for mine).

    "color_scheme": "Packages/User/Color Scheme/Tomorrow-Night-Eighties-Dark.tmTheme"

I don't think sublime properly reads custom theme's widget.sublime-settings files, especially if they are buried in sub folders, but I know sublime seems to read it from my User folder. Just an FYI.


@facelessuser thanks for the direction to look into!

After some research I can say that ST does read settings from custom theme, but Soda theme uses almost empty scheme for widgets and Phoenix just copied this file. User settings do not override this, at least in my installation.

So I hacked a theme widget settings to get code highlighting in Find field.


Cool. User has always worked for me and is nice because I don't have to alter the theme package directly, but it's good to hear you got it working.

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