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Support for more languages in phoenix color schemes? #6

Shirk opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Shirk repi

I love the phoenix theme in general and I would also love to use the matching color schemes (pink in my case).

However while they look fine in your screenshots they are mostly useless for anything other than HTML/CSS/JS/PHP. It appears the highlights are generally chosen to apply only to the syntax tags of these languages instead of matching the more generous groups they belong to.

To get an impression of what I'm pointing at try to open a C source file or even a simple JSON and set the theme to phoenix pink or yellow - not a pleasant experience..

Pretty please - make it awesome for us "old school" coders too!!!


Yes please!

Or at a minimum update the description of the color scheme and explicit mention the languages it works / doesn't work with. It is confusing now when installing the color scheme and it doesn't look as intended in, for example, .cpp/.h files

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