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Redmine Keyboard Shortcuts

Redmine Keyboard Shortcuts is a plugin for Redmine which implements vim-style keyboard shortcuts to make navigation easier and project management less painful.

Tested in Firefox and Chrome; IE support coming with a public release. Keyboard shortcuts may change between now and public release, breaking your workflow and causing you misery.

Help Welcomed

This was developed by Austin Smith, who is not much of a Rubyist, so the Redmine/Rails integration is fairly minimal thus far. I'll learn, but development will go faster if you help me, especially with things like permissions and server-side storage of active lists of issues.

Thanks to Eric Davis, whose Redmine Contracts plugin was a helpful example.


Just check out this repository in the plugins directory of your Redmine installation. This plugin has no database schema as of yet.


Type 'h' in any screen to get an overview of keyboard shortcuts available on that screen. Lists of issues with checkboxes and individual issue pages have the richest set of shortcuts. If you type 'l' in an issue that you've opened from a list view, you'll see the list of issues again.


In rough order of priority:

  • Iron out some existing permissions or preference issues, e.g. in some cases we might be trying to press a button that does not exist.

  • Add inline documentation to keyboard_shortcuts.js

  • Build a test suite.

  • Apply permissions and preferences so the keyboard shortcuts don't confuse non-privileged or non-technical users.

  • Store the current queue of issues server-side rather than in a cookie.

  • Minify the JS; use the minified version in production, full version in development.

  • On issue pages in the list modal, show ten issues, and scroll up and down using 'j' and 'k', rather than showing every issue from the prior queue.

  • Create a registration function for ks_dispatcher to allow other plugins to implement keyboard shortcuts.

  • Add keyboard shortcuts for the list view to bulk assign, change projects, change version, or change status.

  • Allow 'j' and 'k' to cause AJAX paging in list views.