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netb258 committed Jun 4, 2019
1 parent e5a95dc commit a17a5d315131f4962f1d9c23c50a3f2b157b0b65
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  1. +15 −0 project.clj
  2. +229 −0 src/epub/core.clj
@@ -0,0 +1,15 @@
(defproject epub "0.1.0-SNAPSHOT"
:description "FIXME: write description"
:url ""
:license {:name "Eclipse Public License"
:url ""}
:plugins [[cider/cider-nrepl "0.14.0"]]
:dependencies [[org.clojure/clojure "1.8.0"]
[org.clojure/tools.nrepl "0.2.12"] ;; Need this to please Cider.
[me.raynes/fs "1.4.6"] ;; File tools.
[net.sf.cssbox/swingbox "1.1"] ;; Pure Java HTML rendering component.
[seesaw "1.5.0"]] ;; GUI library.
:main ^:skip-aot epub.core
:repl-options {:timeout 120000} ;; Set repl startup timeout to 1.2 min.
:target-path "target/%s"
:profiles {:uberjar {:aot :all}})
@@ -0,0 +1,229 @@
(ns epub.core
(:import [ ZipFile]
[ BrowserPane])
(:require [me.raynes.fs.compression :as compress]
[me.raynes.fs :as fs]
[ :as io]
[clojure.string :as s])
(:use [seesaw.core :only [native! config! show! scrollable frame left-right-split vertical-panel tabbed-panel button action menu menubar menu-item]]
[clojure.xml :only [parse]])

(def temp-dir "tmp")
(def epub-file (atom ""))
(def sys-sep (

(defn get-pwd
"Returns the current working directory as a string."
(-> ( ".") .getAbsolutePath))

(defn get-book-name
(-> book-file-path
(s/split (re-pattern (java.util.regex.Pattern/quote sys-sep)))
(s/split #"\.")

(defn get-book-files [epub-file-path]
(->> (str temp-dir "/" (get-book-name epub-file-path)) (io/file) (file-seq)))

(defn get-book-dir [epub-file-path]
(let [toc-file (->> (get-book-files epub-file-path) (filter #(s/ends-with? (str %) ".ncx")) (first))
toc-dir-path (.getParent toc-file)]

;; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
;; ------------------------------------------ Table of contents handling ------------------------------------------
;; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

;; A seq of parsed <navPoint> tags represents the table of contents of the book.
(defn nav-points [toc-parsed]
(->> toc-parsed
:content ;; Get all tags in the toc XML file.
(filter #(= :navMap (:tag %))) ;; Find only the <navMap> tag. Inside it there should be several <navPoint> tags.
(first) ;; Filter wraps the result in a seq, so we need to unwrap it here with first.
:content)) ;; Get the <navPoint> tags in a vector.

; We want to get the file-path and the chapter names from the navPoints: {:path "xhtml/chapter_001.html", :name "Chapter 1"}
(defn nav-point->map [nav-point]
;; To get the file paths we need to seek out a <content> (inside <navPoint>) and get it's src attribute.
:path (->>
(filter #(= :content (:tag %)))
;; To get the chapter names we need to seek out a <navLabel> (inside <navPoint>), then get the <text> tag inside <navLabel>.
:name (->>
(filter #(= :navLabel (:tag %)))
(filter #(= :text (:tag %)))

(defn nested-nav-points?
"navPoint tags can be nested inside other navPoint tags.
This function returns true if that is the case."
(filter #(= :navPoint (:tag %)) (:content nav-point)))))

;; We want the chapters as a seq of maps like this '({:path "xhtml/chapter_001.html", :name "Chapter 1"} ...)
(defn nav-seq
([nav-points] (nav-seq nav-points '()))
([nav-points result]
(empty? nav-points) result
(nested-nav-points? (last nav-points)) (nav-seq
(butlast nav-points)
(list (nav-point->map (last nav-points)))
(conj result (nav-seq (:content (last nav-points)) '()))))
:else (nav-seq
(butlast nav-points)
(conj result (nav-point->map (last nav-points)))))))

(defn get-chapters [book-files]
(when (not= "" @epub-file)
(let [toc-file (->> book-files (filter #(s/ends-with? (str %) ".ncx")) (first))
toc-parsed (parse toc-file)]
#(not (and (nil? (:name %)) (nil? (:path %))))
(flatten (nav-seq (nav-points toc-parsed)))))))

(defn get-full-path [chapter-path]
(str "file:///" (get-pwd) "/" (get-book-dir @epub-file) "/" chapter-path))

;; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
;; --------------------------------------------- content.opf handling ---------------------------------------------
;; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

;; At this point we should have parsed the table of contents file.
;; Now we are going to parse contents.opf, which should contain a description of every resource in the book (images, html files xml files, everything).
;; We are doing this because the table of contents file can be (and often is) malformed.

(defn all-book-files [opf-parsed]
(->> opf-parsed
(filter #(= :manifest (:tag %))) ;; Find only the <manifest> tag. Inside it there should be several <item> tags.
(first) ;; Filter wraps the result in a seq, so we need to unwrap it here with first.

;; The spine should contain the files of the book in the order that they should appear.
;; Note, that they probably won't be well named, like in the table of content file.
(defn spine-ids [opf-parsed]
(->> opf-parsed
(filter #(= :spine (:tag %)))
(map #(->> % :attrs :idref)))) ;; We only need the IDs of the book's resources.

(defn spine-hrefs [all-book-files spine-ids]
(->> all-book-files
(filter #(.contains spine-ids (->> % :attrs :id)))
(map #(->> % :attrs :href))))

;; We need the spine conents in a seq of maps like this:
;; ({:path "index_split_000.html", :name "Part 1"} {:path "index_split_001.html", :name "Part 2"} ...)
(defn spine [spine-hrefs]
(fn [idx itm] {:path itm :name (str "Part " (inc idx))})

(defn get-spine [book-files]
(when (not= "" @epub-file)
(let [opf-file (->> book-files (filter #(s/ends-with? (str %) ".opf")) (first))
opf-parsed (parse opf-file)
book-files (all-book-files opf-parsed)
sp-ids (spine-ids opf-parsed)]
(->> (spine-hrefs book-files sp-ids) (spine)))))

;; It seems SwingBox has some problems with xhtml files, so we need to rename them to html files.
(defn rename-xhtml [chapter]
(if (s/includes? (:path chapter) ".xhtml")
(let [file-head (first (s/split (:path chapter) #"\."))
new-path (str file-head ".html")
new-path-full (str (get-pwd) sys-sep (get-book-dir @epub-file) sys-sep new-path)
old-path-full (str (get-pwd) sys-sep (get-book-dir @epub-file) sys-sep file-head ".xhtml")]
(when (not (fs/exists? new-path-full))
(assoc-in chapter [:path] new-path))

;; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
;; ------------------------------------------------ GUI rendering -------------------------------------------------
;; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


(def html-pane (BrowserPane.))
(.setText html-pane "<html></html>")

(defn make-nav-buttons [chapters]
(when (not= "" @epub-file)
(fn [chapter]
(let [chap (rename-xhtml chapter)]
:text (:name chap)
:listen [:action (fn [event] (.setPage html-pane ( (get-full-path (:path chap)))))])))

(defn make-gui []
[{:title "Table of content" :content (scrollable (vertical-panel :items (make-nav-buttons (get-chapters (get-book-files @epub-file)))))}
{:title "Spine" :content (scrollable (vertical-panel :items (make-nav-buttons (get-spine (get-book-files @epub-file)))))}])
(scrollable html-pane)))

(declare main-window)

(def choose-book-action
(action :name "Load file" :key "menu O"
(fn [e]
(if-let [f (choose-file :dir "./books")]
(swap! epub-file (fn [x] (str f)))
(when (not (fs/exists? (str temp-dir "/" (get-book-name @epub-file))))
(compress/unzip @epub-file (str temp-dir "/" (get-book-name @epub-file))))
(let [title-page (rename-xhtml (first (get-chapters (get-book-files @epub-file))))]
( (get-full-path (:path title-page)))))
(config! main-window :content (make-gui)))))))

(defn make-menu-bar []
(menubar :items
[(menu :text "File" :items [choose-book-action
(menu-item :text "Exit" :listen [:action (fn [event] (System/exit 0))])])]))

(defn make-main-window [child-widgets]
(frame :title "EPUB Reader"
:width 900
:height 850
:menubar (make-menu-bar)
:content child-widgets
:on-close :exit))

(def main-window
(make-main-window (make-gui)))

(defn -main
[& args]
(show! main-window))

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