Simple coding challenge with our basic libraries and tools 🖥📲
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Yeti React Challenge

Before you start: You need to have some familiriarity with Javascript and full-stack development to be fully comfortable doing this challenge. Here it is a guide to get to know our day to day in the Yeti team

Create a GitHub app with React Native

The idea is to prove that you can create a fully featured app, using git as version control. You'll need to create it using React Native (preferably using the guide "create projects with native code")


Features that are going to be evaluated

Extra notes

If you don't have a Mac you can just create the Android version of the challenge. In order to submit your solution you have to create a Github repo and add a Readme with the guides to test it. You can provide any extra info that you consider on it.

Long story short... good luck and enjoy React Native 💪