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A plugin for Textpattern.


Designed to do a little cleanup in new textpattern installations. Note the new in that statement.

Primary Targets…

This plugin will terminate the following with extreme prejudice upon installation

  • Comments
  • Links
  • Images
  • Categories (of all types)
  • Articles

It is also designed to self-terminate after a single run.

Do not use this plugin in existing installations with any content you wish to keep.

Secondary Targets…

In addition, this plugin will terminate or change a few additional textpattern preferences.

  • The default custom fields are removed.
  • The site slogan is blanked.
  • DNS and spam lookups are turned off.
  • Email addresses are hidden in comments.


  1. In your new textpattern installation, go to admin > plugins and upload the plugin.
  2. Accept the new plugin
  3. Enable the plugin
  4. Navigate to any other admin side tab

Your content — and the plugin itself — should now be gone.