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Updates to DHCPv4 text for Suresh Krishnans Discuss. RFC3315 changed …

…to RFC8415
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Ian Farrer Ian Farrer
Ian Farrer authored and Ian Farrer committed Dec 6, 2018
1 parent 0e86ec2 commit 1c846ca3bc6ce8ffe1813a0c864dc3aebaf3af65
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  1. +29 −8 draft-ietf-netconf-zerotouch.xml
  2. +363 −0 ietf-softwire-br.yang
@@ -640,7 +640,7 @@ INSERT_TEXT_FROM_FILE(refs/onboarding-information-tree.txt)

<t>TXT records have an upper size limit of 65535 bytes (Section 3.2.1
in RFC1035), since "RDLENGTH" is a 16-bit field. Please see Section
3.1.3 in <xref target="RFC4408"> for how a TXT record can achieve this size. Due to this
3.1.3 in <xref target="RFC4408"/> for how a TXT record can achieve this size. Due to this
size limitation, some zero touch information artifacts may not fit. In particular,
onboarding information could hit this upper bound, depending
on the size of the included configuration and scripts.</t>
@@ -1470,8 +1470,8 @@ INSERT_TEXT_FROM_FILE(ietf-zerotouch-bootstrap-server@YYYY-MM-DD.yang)

<t>DHCPv6 Client Behavior</t>
<t>Clients MAY request the OPTION_V6_ZEROTOUCH_REDIRECT option, as defined
in <xref target="RFC3315"/>, Sections 17.1.1, 18.1.1, 18.1.3, 18.1.4,
18.1.5, and 22.7.  As a convenience to the reader, we mention here that
in <xref target="RFC8415"/>, Sections 18.2.1, 18.2.2, 18.2.4, 18.2.5,
18.2.6, and 21.7.  As a convenience to the reader, we mention here that
the client includes requested option codes in the Option Request Option.</t>
<t>On receipt of a DHCPv6 Reply message which contains the
OPTION_V6_ZEROTOUCH_REDIRECT, the client processes the response according
@@ -1483,14 +1483,26 @@ INSERT_TEXT_FROM_FILE(ietf-zerotouch-bootstrap-server@YYYY-MM-DD.yang)
the option.</t>

<t>DHCPv6 Server Behavior</t>
<t>Sections 17.2.2 and 18.2 of <xref target="RFC3315"/> govern server
<t>Section 18.3 of <xref target="RFC8415"/> governs server
operation in regard to option assignment.  As a convenience to the
reader, we mention here that the server will send a particular option
code only if configured with specific values for that option code and
if the client requested it.</t>
<t>Option OPTION_V6_ZEROTOUCH_REDIRECT is a singleton.  Servers MUST
NOT send more than one instance of the OPTION_V6_ZEROTOUCH_REDIRECT

<t>The server’s DHCP message MUST contain only a single instance of the
OPTION_V4_ZEROTOUCH_REDIRECT’s 'bootstrap-server-list’
field. However, the list of URIs in this field may exceed the maximum
allowed length of a single DHCPv4 option (per <xref target="RFC3396"/>).

<t>If the length of 'bootstrap-server-list’ is small enough to fit into
a single instance of OPTION_V4_ZEROTOUCH_REDIRECT, the server MUST NOT
send more than one instance of this option.</t>

<t>If the length of the 'bootstrap-server-list’ field is too large to
fit into a single option, then OPTION_V4_ZEROTOUCH_REDIRECT MUST be
split into multiple instances of the option according to the process
described in <xref target="RFC3396"/>.</t>

</section> <!-- DHCPv6 -->

@@ -1956,7 +1968,7 @@ Assignment Notes: This is an extension of the HTTPS service.
<?rfc include="reference.RFC.1035.xml"?>
<?rfc include="reference.RFC.2119.xml"?>
<?rfc include="reference.RFC.5652.xml"?>
<?rfc include="reference.RFC.3315.xml"?>
<?rfc include="reference.RFC.8415.xml"?>
<?rfc include="reference.RFC.3396.xml"?>
<?rfc include="reference.RFC.4253.xml"?>
<?rfc include="reference.RFC.5280.xml"?>
@@ -2839,6 +2851,15 @@ device | | | | | |
<section title="25 to 26">
<list style="symbols">
<t>Added option size text to DHCPv4 option size to address
Suresh Krishnan's IESG review discuss point.</t>
<t>Updated RFC3315 to RFC8415 and associated section references.</t>

<section title="Acknowledgements" numbered="no">

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