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@@ -139,15 +139,18 @@ In order to make ActiveRecord models play nice with DJ and Apartment, include `A
include Apartment::Delayed::Requirements
+Any classes that are being used as a Delayed::Job Job need to include the `Apartment::Delayed::Job::Hooks` module into the class. This ensures that when a job runs, it switches to the appropriate tenant before performing its task. It is also required (manually at the moment) that you set a `@database` attribute on your job so the hooks know what tennant to switch to
class SomeDJ
- def initialize(model)
- @model = model
- @model.database = Apartment::Database.current_database
+ include Apartment::Delayed::Job::Hooks
+ def initialize
+ @database = Apartment::Database.current_database
def perform
- # do some stuff
+ # do some stuff (will automatically switch to @database before performing and switch back after)

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