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Prontotype is a server-side framework to help you quickly build interactive, data-driven HTML prototypes.
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Prontotype is a lightweight, server-side framework to help you quickly build interactive, data-driven HTML prototypes.

Prontotype lets you:

  • Quickly build linked, multi-page HTML prototypes with 'realistic' URLs
  • Define reusable chunks of HTML to make prototype-wide updates quick and easy
  • Separate your layouts from your content using powerful template inheritance
  • Mock-up everything from simple login behaviours to complex role-based authentication scenarios
  • Add contextual notes to pages and content blocks that you can easily show/hide
  • Use YAML or CSV files to define data structures that will be accessible throughout your prototype
  • Write CSS using LESS and have it automatically compiled for use in your protoype
  • Make use of a library of pre-build components to rapidly build your interfaces
  • Use whatever frontend prototyping framework you like (Twitter Bootstrap is included, but anything can be used)
  • Auto-generate navigation, forms and more using inbuilt macros
  • And plenty more…

What you'll need to run Prontotype:

  • Linux-based web server
  • A web server like Apache (optionally with mod_rewrite or equivalent enabled) or Nginx
  • PHP version 5.3.1+


  1. Download and unzip the latest version (or clone it from the Github repo)
  2. Move the files to the web root of your server
  3. Optionally tweak some of the default configuration settings (but you probably don't need to!)


In-progress documentation is available at

Prontotype makes heavy use of Twig and YAML so becoming familiar with them will help you greatly in mastering everything Prontotype has to offer.

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