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This repo hosts binary packages for netdata.

netdata .run files

Files ending in .run are Linux binary self-extracting shell scripts, generated with makeself.

To use one, download it and run it.

To install the latest version use this:

bash <(curl -Ss

If your shell fails to handle the above one liner, do this:

curl -Ss >/tmp/
sh /tmp/

installs in /opt/netdata

The package will install everything in /opt/netdata (remember to prepend /opt/netdata to command examples found in the netdata wiki).

The following changes will be made to the system:

  1. user netdata will be added.
  2. group netdata will be added.
  3. logrotate configuration will be added at /etc/logrotate.d/netdata.
  4. if the system is running systemd, the file /etc/systemd/system/netdata.service will be created.
  5. if the system is not running systemd, then depending on the distribution and version the file /etc/init.d/netdata will be added. This works for older Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS and for OpenRC based Gentoo systems.

Other than the above, the system is not altered in any way.

Statically linked

All programs included in the package are statically linked and do not depend on any system library. The operating system is expected to provide very basic tools, like tar, gzip, etc, so they can be used even if the system is just a busybox. For example, these packages run on CirrOS.

You can use these binary files for installing netdata:

  1. On ancient Linux installations, that you cannot update for a reason.
  2. On Linux distributions that do not provide a package management system (CirrOS, CoreOS, etc).

Key dependencies included

These packages include:

  1. statically linked BASH, version 4+
  2. statically linked curl, version 7.53.1+
  3. statically linked fping, version 4.0+
  4. statically linked netdata, version 1.6+, with statically linked apps.plugin.

install and update

The packages can be used to update an existing installation made by another version of them.

If you want to use these packages on systems that you have installed netdata from source, we suggest to uninstall the previous version first. If you don't uninstall it, these package will fail to update your system properly (i.e. they will not overwrite the existing /etc/systemd/system/netdata.service, /etc/logrotate.d/netdata, /etc/init.d/netdata).