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@netdatabot netdatabot released this May 22, 2019 · 887 commits to master since this release

Release v1.15.0 contains 11 bug fixes and 30 improvements.

At a glance

We are very happy and proud to be able to include two major improvements in this release: The aggregated node view and the new database engine.

Aggregated node view

The No. 1 request from our community has been a better way to view and manage their Netdata installations, via an aggregated view. The node menu with the simple list of hosts on the agent UI just didn't do it for people with hundreds, or thousands of instances. This release introduces the node view, which uses the power of Netdata Cloud to deliver powerful views of a Netdata-based monitoring infrastructure.
Screenshot from 2019-05-17 19-57-58
You can read more about Netdata Cloud and the future of netdata here.

New database engine

Historically, Netdata has required a lot of memory for long-term metrics storage. To mitigate this we've been building a new DB engine for several months and will continue improving until it can become the default memory mode for new Netdata installations. The version included in release v1.15.0 already permits longer-term storage of compressed data and we'll continue reducing the required memory in following releases.

Other major additions

We have added support for the AWS Kinesis backend and new collectors for OpenVPN, the Tengine web server, ScaleIO (VxFlex OS), ioping-like latency metrics and Energi Core node instances.

We now have a new, "text-only" chart type, cpu limits for v2 cgroups, docker swarm metrics and improved documentation.

We continued improving the Kubernetes helmchart with liveness probes for slaves, persistence options, a fix for a Cannot allocate memory issue and easy configuration for the kubelet, kube-proxy and coredns collectors.

Finally, we built a process to quickly replace any problematic nightly builds and added more automated CI tests to prevent such builds from being published in the first place.


Our heartfelt gratitude for this release goes to the following people:


Bug fixes

  • Prowl notifications were not being sent, unless another notification method was also active #6022 (cakrit)
  • Fix exception handling in the python.d plugin #5997 (ilyam8)
  • The node applications group did not include all node processes. #5962 (jonfairbanks)
  • Installation would show incorrect message "FAILED Cannot install netdata init service." in some cases #5947 (paulkatsoulakis)
  • The nvidia_smi collector displayed incorrect power usage #5940 (ilyam8)
  • The python.d plugin would sometimes hang, because it lacked a connect timeout #5911 (ilyam8)
  • The mongodb collector raised errors due to various KeyErrors #5931 (ilyam8)
  • The smartd_log collector would show incorrect temperature values #5923 (ilyam8)
  • charts.d plugins would fail on docker, when using the timeout command #5938 (paulkatsoulakis)
  • Docker image had plugins not executable by user netdata #5917 (paulkatsoulakis)
  • Docker image was missing the lsns command, used to match network interfaces to containers #1 (kam1kaze)
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