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@netdatabot netdatabot released this Sep 3, 2019 · 505 commits to master since this release

Release v1.17.0 contains 38 bug fixes, 33 improvements, and 20 documentation updates.

At a glance

You can now change the data collection frequency at will, without losing previously collected values. A major improvement to the new database engine allows you not only to store metrics at variable granularity, but also to autoscale the time axis of the charts, depending on the data collection frequencies used during the presented time.

You can also now monitor VM performance from one or more vCenter servers with a new VSphere collector. In addition, the proc plugin now also collects ZRAM device performance metrics and the apps plugin monitors process uptime for the defined process groups.

Continuing our efforts to integrate with as many existing solutions as possible, you can now directly archive metrics from Netdata to MongoDB via a new backend.

Netdata badges now support international (UTF8) characters! We also made our URL parser smarter, not only for international character support, but also for other strange API queries.

We also added .DEB packages to our binary distribution repositories at Packagecloud, a new collector for Linux zram device metrics, and support for plain text email notifications.

This release includes several fixes and improvements to the TLS encryption feature we introduced in v1.16.0. First, encryption slave-to-master streaming connections wasn't working as intended. And second, our community helped us discover cases where HTTP requests were not correctly redirected to HTTPS with TLS enabled. This release mitigates those issues and improves TLS support overall.

Finally, we improved the way Netdata displays charts with no metrics. By default, Netdata displays charts for disks, memory, and networks only when the associated metrics are not zero. Users could enable these charts permanently using the corresponding configuration options, but they would need to change more than 200 options. With this new improvement, users can enable all charts with zero values using a single, global configuration parameter.


Our thanks go to:

  • Steve8291 for all his help across the board!
  • alpes214 for improvements in health monitoring
  • fun04wr0ng for fixing a bug in the nfacct plugin
  • RaZeR-RBI for the ZRAM collector module
  • underhood for the UTF-8 parsing fixes in badges, that gave us support for internationalized badges
  • Ferroin]( for improving the python.d collectors handling of disconnected sockets
  • dex4er for improving our OS detection code
  • knatsakis for his help in our CI/CD pipeline
  • sunflowerbofh for .gitignore fixes
  • Cat7373 for fixing some issues with the spigotmc collector


Database engine

  • Variable granularity support for data collection #6430 (mfundul)
  • Added tips on the UI to encourage users to try the new DB Engine, when they reach the end of their metrics history #6711 (jacekkolasa)

Binary packages


  • Added support for plain text only email notifications #6485 (leo-lb)
  • Started showing “hidden” alarm variables in the responses of the chart and data API calls (#6054) #6615 (alpes214)
  • Added a new API call for alarm status counters, as a first step towards badges that will show the total number of alarms #6554 (alpes214)


  • Added configurable default locations for trusted CA certificates #6549 (thiagoftsm)
  • Added safer way to get container names #6441 (ViViDboarder)
  • Added SSL connection support to the python mongodb collector #6546 (ilyam8)

New collectors

Collector improvements




  • Updated our CLA, clarifying our intention to keep netdata FOSS #6504 (cakrit)
  • Updated terms of use for U.S. legal reasons #6631 (cakrit)
  • Updated logos in the infographic and remaining favicons #6417 (cakrit)
  • SSL vs. TLS consistency and clarification in documentation #6414 (joelhans)
  • Update #6406 (Steve8291)
  • Fix Web API Health documentation #6404 (thiagoftsm)
  • Added apps grouping debug messages #6375 (vlvkobal)
  • GCC warning and linting improvements #6392 (ac000)
  • Minor code readability changes #6539 (underhood)
  • Added global configuration option to show charts with zero metrics #6419 (vlvkobal)
  • Improved the way we parse HTTP requests, so we can avoid issues from edge cases #6247 #6714 (thiagoftsm)
  • Build DEB and RPM packages in parallel #6579 (knatsakis)
  • Updated package version requirements for LZ4 and libuv #6607 (mfundul)
  • Improved system OS detection for RHEL6 and Mac OS X #6612 (dex4er)
  • .travis.yml: Remove 'sudo: true' as it is now deprecated #6624 (knatsakis)
  • Modified the documentation build process to accept <> around links in markdown #6646 (cakrit)
  • Fixed spigotmc module typos in comments. #6680 (Cat7373)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the snappy library detection in some versions of OpenSuSE and CentOS #6479 (vlvkobal)
  • Fixed sensor chips filtering in python sensors collector #6463 (ilyam8)
  • Fixed user and group names in apps.plugin when running in a container, by mounting and reading /etc/passwd #6472 (vlvkobal)
  • Fixed possible buffer overflow in the JSON parser used for health notification silencers #6460 (thiagoftsm)
  • Fixed handling of corrupted DB files in dbengine, that could cause netdata to not start properly (CRC and I/O error handling) #6452 (mfundul)
  • Stopped docs icon from linking to streaming page instead of docs root #6445 (joelhans)
  • Fixed an issue with Netdata snapshots that could sometimes cause a problem during import. #6400 (jacekkolasa)
  • Fixed bug that would cause netdata to attempt to kill already terminated threads again, on shutdown. #6387 (emmrk)
  • Fixed out of memory (12) errors by reimplementing the myopen() function family #6339 (mfundul)
  • Fixed wrong redirection of users signing in after clicking Nodes #6544 (jacekkolasa)
  • Fixed python.d smartd collector increasing CPU usage #6540 (ilyam8)
  • Fixed missing navigation arrow in Documentation #6533 (joelhans)
  • Fixed mongodb python collector stock configuration mistake, by changing password to pass #6518 (ilyam8)
  • Fixed broken left navbar links in translated docs #6505 (cakrit)
  • Fixed handling of UTF8 characters in badges and added International Support to the URL parser #6426 (underhood)
  • Fixed nodes menu sizing (responsive) #6455 (builat)
  • Fixed issues with http redirection to https and streaming encryption #6468 (thiagoftsm)
  • Fixed broken links to and in dashboard_info.js #6461 (TheLovinator1)
  • Fixed bug with the nfacct plugin that resulted in missing dimensions from the charts #6098 (fun04wr0ng)
  • Stopped anonymous stats from trying to write a log under /tmp #6491 (cakrit)
  • Fixed a problem with edit-config, the configuration editor, not being able to run in MacOS. We no longer deliver edit-config as part of the distribution tarball, so that it can get generated with proper configuration during installation .#6507 (paulkatsoulakis)
  • Fixed issue with the netdata-updater that caused it not to run properly in static64 installations. #6520 (paulkatsoulakis)
  • Fixed some yamllint errors in our Travis configuration #6526 (knatsakis)
  • Properly delete obsolete dimensions for inactive disks in smartd_log #6547 (ilyam8)
  • Fixed .environment file getting overwritten, by moving tarball checksum information into lib dir of netdata #6555 (paulkatsoulakis)
  • Fixed handling of disconnected sockets in unbound python.d collector. #6561 (Ferroin)
  • Fixed crash in malloc #6583 (thiagoftsm)
  • Fixed installer error undefined reference to LZ4_compress_default #6589 (mfundul)
  • Fixed issue with mysql collector that resulted in showing only a single slave_status chart, regardless of the number of replication channels #6597 (ilyam8)
  • Fixed installer issue that would automatically enable the netdata service, even, if it was previously disabled #6606 (paulkatsoulakis)
  • Fixed a segmentation fault in backends #6627 (vlvkobal)
  • Fixed spigotmc plugin bugs #6635 (Cat7373)
  • Fixed installer error when running as a non-privileged user #6642 (paulkatsoulakis)
  • Fixed issue causing OpenSSL libraries to not be found on gentoo #6670 (paulkatsoulakis)
  • Fixed dbengine 100% CPU usage due to corrupted transaction payload handling #6731 (mfundul)
  • Fixed wrong default paths in certain installations #6678 (paulkatsoulakis)
  • Fixed exact path to netdata.conf in .gitignore #6709 (sunflowerbofh)
  • Fixed static64 installer bug that resulted in always overwriting configuration #6710 (paulkatsoulakis)

Thanks to the community for their help!

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