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@netdatabot netdatabot released this Oct 10, 2019 · 213 commits to master since this release

Netdata v1.18.0

Release v1.18.0 contains 5 new collectors, 19 bug fixes, 28 improvements, and 20 documentation updates.

At a glance

The database engine is now the default method of storing metrics in Netdata. You immediately get more efficient and configurable long-term metrics storage without any work on your part. By saving recent metrics in RAM and "spilling" historical metrics to disk for long-term storage, the database engine is laying the foundation for many more improvements to distributed metrics.

We even have a tutorial on switching to the database engine and getting the most from it. Or, just read up on how performant the database engine really is.

Both our python.d and go.d plugins now have more intelligent auto-detection by periodically dump a list of active modules to disk. When Netdata starts, such as after a reboot, the plugins use this list of known services to re-establish metrics collection much more reliably. No more worrying if the service or application you need to monitor starts up minutes after Netdata.

Two of our new collectors will help those with Hadoop big data infrastructures. The HDFS and Zookeeper collection modules come with essential alarms requested by our community and Netdata's auto-detection capabilities to keep the required configuration to an absolute minimum. Read up on the process via our HDFS and Zookeeper tutorial.

Speaking of new collectors—we also added the ability to collect metrics from SLAB cache, Gearman, and vCenter Server Appliances.

Before v1.18, if you wanted to create alarms for each dimension in a single chart, you need to write separate entities for each dimension—not very efficient or user-friendly. New dimension templates fix that hassle. Now, a single entity can automatically generate alarms for any number of dimensions in a chart, even those you weren't aware of! Our tutorial on dimension templates has all the details.

v1.18 brings support for installing Netdata on offline or air-gapped systems. To help users comply with strict security policies, our installation scripts can now install Netdata using previously-downloaded tarball and checksums instead of downloading them at runtime. We have guides for installing offline via or in our installation documentation. We're excited to bring real-time monitoring to once-inaccessible systems!


Our thanks go to:


Database engine

New Collectors

Collector improvements


  • Enable alarm templates for chart dimensions #6560 (thiagoftsm)
  • Center the chart on the proper chart and time whenever an alarm link is clicked #6391 (thiagoftsm)



  • Add Portuguese (Brazil) translation of the installation instructions #16(lets00), #7004 (cakrit)
  • Fix broken links found via linkchecker #6983 (joelhans)
  • Clarification on configuring notification recipients #6961 (cakrit)
  • Fix Remark Lint for READMEs in database #6942, contrib #6921, daemon README #6920 and backends #6917 (prhomhyse)
  • Suggest using /run or /var/run for the unix socket #6916 (cakrit)
  • Improve documentation for the SNMP collector #6915 (cakrit)
  • Update docs for offline install #6884 (paulkatsoulakis)
  • Remove Dollar sign from Bash code in documentation and fix remark-lint warnings #6880 (prhomhyse)
  • Markdown syntax fixes for MDX parser #6877 (joelhans)
  • Update python.d module checklist to match the current paths and build system. #6874 (Ferroin)
  • Add instructions for simple SMTP transport #6870 (cakrit)
  • Add example for prometheus archiving source parameter #6869 (cakrit)
  • Fix broken links in the standard web dashboard doc #6854 (prhomhyse)
  • Overhaul of Getting started guide #6811 (joelhans)
  • NPM Packages version update #6801 (prhomhyse)
  • Update suggested grep command in “high performance netdata” to be more specific #6794 (n0coast)


  • API: Include family into the allmetrics JSON response #6966 (ilyam8)
  • API: Add fixed width option to badges #6903 (underhood)
  • Allow hostnames in Access Control Lists #6796 (amoss)
  • Functional test improvements for web and alarms tests #6783 (thiagoftsm)

Bug fixes

  • Fix issue error in alarm notification script, when executed without any arguments #7003 (OneCodeMonkey)
  • Fix Coverity warnings #6992 #6970 #6941 #6797 (thiagoftsm), #6909 (cakrit)
  • Fix dbengine consistency when a writer modifies a page concurrently with a reader querying its metrics #6979 (mfundul)
  • Fix memory leak on netdata exit #6945 (vlvkobal)
  • Fix for missing boundary data points in certain cases #6938 (mfundul)
  • Fix unhandled exception log warnings in the python.d collector orchestrator start\_job #6928 (ilyam8)
  • Fix CORS errors when accessing the health management API, by permitingt x-auth-token in Access-Control-Allow-Headers #6894 (cakrit)
  • Fix misleading error log entries RRDSET: chart name 'XXX' on host 'YYY' already exists, by changing the log level for chart updates #6887 (vlvkobal)
  • Properly resolve all Kubernetes container names #6885 (cakrit)
  • Fix LGTM warnings #6875 (jacekkolasa)
  • Fix agent UI redirect loop during cloud sign-in #6868 (jacekkolasa)
  • Fix /var/lib/netdata/registry getting left behind after uninstall #6867 (davent)
  • Fix python.d.plugin bug in parsing configuration files with no explicitly defined jobs #6856 (ilyam8)
  • Fix potential buffer overflow in the web server #6817 (amoss)
  • Fix netdata group deletion on linux for uninstall script #6645 (mbarper)
  • Various cppcheck fixes #6386 (ac000)
  • Fix crash on FreeBSD due to do_dev_cpu_temperature stack corruption #7014 (samm-git)
  • Fix handling of illegal metric timestamps in database engine #7008 (mfundul)
  • Fix a resource leak #7007 (vlvkobal)
  • Fix rabbitmq collector error when no vhosts are available. #7018 (mfundul)
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