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@netdatabot netdatabot released this 10 Jun 14:15
· 4246 commits to master since this release

Netdata v1.35.1 is a patch release to address issues discovered since v1.35.0. Refer to the v.1.35.0 release notes for the full scope of that release.

The v1.35.1 patch release fixes an issue in the static build installation code that causes automatic updates to be unintentionally disabled when updating static installs.

If you have installed Netdata using a static build since 2022-03-22 and you did not explicitly disable automatic updates, you are probably affected by this bug.

For more details, including info on how to re-enable automatic updates if you are affected, refer to this Github issue.

Support options

As we grow, we stay committed to providing the best support ever seen from an open-source solution. Should you encounter
an issue with any of the changes made in this release or any feature in the Netdata Agent, feel free to contact us
through one of the following channels:

  • Netdata Learn: Find documentation, guides, and reference material for monitoring and
    troubleshooting your systems with Netdata.
  • Github Issues: Make use of the Netdata repository to report bugs or open
    a new feature request.
  • Github Discussions: Join the conversation around the Netdata
    development process and be a part of it.
  • Community Forums: Visit the Community Forums and contribute to the collaborative
    knowledge base.
  • Discord: Jump into the Netdata Discord and hangout with like-minded sysadmins,
    DevOps, SREs and other troubleshooters. More than 1100 engineers are already using it!