ktsaou Fix make dist (#4401)
* fix make dist; fixes #4400

* added daemon dir

* fix edit-config in dist

* removed config.h from file dependencies

* do not attempt to detect stock files on vanilla installations

* add missing files to dist

* another fix for missing dist files

* modular plugins are now self-configured for automake

* updated lgtm

* fix cncf urls
Latest commit d802f83 Oct 16, 2018



This module shows the current CPU frequency as set by the cpufreq kernel module.

Requirement: You need to have CONFIG_CPU_FREQ and (optionally) CONFIG_CPU_FREQ_STAT enabled in your kernel.

This module tries to read from one of two possible locations. On initialization, it tries to read the time_in_state files provided by cpufreq_stats. If this file does not exist, or doesn't contain valid data, it falls back to using the more inaccurate scaling_cur_freq file (which only represents the current CPU frequency, and doesn't account for any state changes which happen between updates).

It produces one chart with multiple lines (one line per core).



sys_dir: "/sys/devices"

If no configuration is given, module will search for cpufreq files in /sys/devices directory. Directory is also prefixed with NETDATA_HOST_PREFIX if specified.