BSD Install

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This document is compiled from suggestions and comments on the Netdisco mail lists. We’re grateful for the help, and if you have any additions please do let the project staff know.

You could also look at the following guide for FreeBSD 11:

Ports Installs

  • Perl (if not already installed)

  • p5-DBD-Pg (will also pull in postgresqlXX-client)

  • postgresqlXX-server

  • net-snmp (should install the Perl binding

  • openssl

Additional Steps

Netdisco User

pw useradd netdisco -N -m -s /bin/sh -w no

PostgreSQL Setup

/usr/local/etc/rc.d/postgresql initdb
/usr/local/etc/rc.d/postgresql start

Make sure PostgreSQL starts at boot by adding the following to “/etc/rc.conf”:


When installing postgresqlXX-server port, it creates the pgsql user with “nologin” shell. As root, do vipw and change the shell to /bin/sh or whichever shell you want, so that you can do the createuser step from the main instructions.

pgtune doesn’t seem to work on NetBSD. This needs looking into. Nothing will break, but it just means the server probably isn’t tuned to your system’s hardware (RAM, etc).

Run Control Script

# PROVIDE: netdiscoweb
# KEYWORD: shutdown
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