Added Enable and Disable calls to the client #3

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Added two types of calls to the client in order to enable and disable zones.

@dlitvakb dlitvakb was assigned Feb 8, 2013

@warmwaffles thanks I will have @dlitvakb QA it (I am sure it works) and we will merge it, and update the gem.


@warmwaffles the curl library (curbfu) we are using doesn't support ENABLE and DISABLE we are working on a fix.


@warmwaffles CurbFu the curl wrapper HTTP Client library we are using, doesn't accept enable and disable HTTP methods as they are not standard.

We are evaluating on changing our API to have regular endpoints for enable and disable calls or forking CurbFu to add these methods.

Will get back on this as soon as we have a decision, thanks for pointing out the missing calls.

@warmwaffles warmwaffles closed this Feb 8, 2013

I went ahead and closed this. I'll be rolling my master branch back.. I committed to it like an idiot.

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