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codyrioux Standardized cache config, added JobsRoute caches.
Routes on v0 and v1 now all respect the new configuration options added
to MasterConfiguration. Specifically the min/initial and max cache size
as well as TTL (milliseconds) for the caches.

Added caching to v1 JobsRoute which did not previously perform any
Latest commit 79535a4 Nov 19, 2019


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$ ./gradlew clean build


$ ./gradlew clean test

Building deployment into local Maven cache

$ ./gradlew clean publishNebulaPublicationToMavenLocal


We release by tagging which kicks off a CI build. The CI build will run tests, integration tests, static analysis, checkstyle, build, and then publish to the public Bintray repo to be synced into Maven Central.

Tag format:


You can tag via git or through Github's Release UI.


Mantis is interested in building the community. We welcome any forms of contributions through discussions on any of our mailing lists or through patches.

For more information on contribution, check out the contributions file here:

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