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NetFoundry networks are OpenZiti networks. OpenZiti is open-source software for building programmable, application-embedded networks. You can use the OpenZiti Edge SDKs and Edge identities with any NetFoundry network. For example, you can embed Ziti in your custom app with the SDK so it can participate in a NetFoundry network directly without any external software agents or gateways. Your app will communicate with the OpenZiti fabric hosted by NetFoundry through the built-in open-source library. If your app is a service this means it is addressable by authorized peers from anywhere. Your "Zitified" service is invisible except to your allowed endpoints, and so it does not need to "listen" on any IP network, just the OpenZiti network.

Visit OpenZiti Docs to learn more about the project, especially our SDK for your preferred programming language! Be sure to ask for it if you don't already see it.