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Vagrant setup with Ansible provisioner configured for running Summer Camp 2015 virtual machine
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Summercamp 2015 Vagrant Base Box

Vagrant base box, with Ansible pull based provisioning to setup all that is required for Summercamp 2015.



You need to have following installed:

The minimum recommended version of vagrant at the time of writng is 1.7.4

With these versions you can use Virtualbox 4.x or 5.x

You will also need to have hardware virtualization option activated in bios, if you have one.

Workshop Virtual Machine Setup

The local development is meant to be used in a vagrant provisioned box.

The provisioner for the project is ansible.

Once you have the prerequisites setup, clone the repo, and from the cloned repo directory run the

vagrant up --no-provision

from you terminal to start the process up.

IMPORTANT note the --no-provision switch

This will download the basebox and start it up, as everything is already installed, there is no need for provisioning hence the --no-provision switch

If you do not see an error message, go get yourself a cup of coffee or your favorite beverage, you deserve it.

If you start seeing the connection timeout after adding of the private key

    default: SSH username: vagrant
    default: SSH auth method: private key
    default: Warning: Connection timeout. Retrying...
    default: Warning: Connection timeout. Retrying...

You should open up the Virtualbox, click the vm running (name should be along the lines of netgen-summercamp2015....) and reset it (on OSX it is cmd+t). This is due to some weird bug somewhere on intersection of vagrant, virtualbox and this ubuntu cloud image. After the initial virtual machine build, you will not need to use this.

If you experience error along the lines of

==> default: Adding box 'netgen/summercamp2015' (v1.0.1) for provider: virtualbox
    default: Downloading:
==> default: Box download is resuming from prior download progress
An error occurred while downloading the remote file. The error
message, if any, is reproduced below. Please fix this error and try

HTTP server doesn't seem to support byte ranges. Cannot resume.

you will need to execute

rm ~/.vagrant.d/tmp/*

You may be required to use admin privileges to execute this.

If for any reason you need to reprovision the vm, you will need to run

vagrant provision

Be carefull with this one, as it takes a LOT of time on slow connection.


If vagrant starts complaining about locale and crashes the provisioning, in ~/.bash_profile (or equivalent) add

export LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8
export LANG=en_US.UTF-8

Hosts Setup

You will need to add the following to your hosts file ezsylius.ezsc ezplatform.ezsc ezplatformui.ezsc ezmulticolors.ezsc ez5perf.ezsc ezbolt.ezsc ezsolr.ezsc ezobjwrapper.ezsc doctrine.phpsc ci.phpsc oop.phpsc modernising.phpsc frontend.phpsc loose.phpsc lionframe.phpsc httpcache.phpsc puli.phpsc modelling.phpsc profiling.phpsc symfony3.phpsc apigility.phpsc

Linux/MacOS systems location of the hosts file is


Location on Windows systems is along the lines of


You may be required to use admin privileges to edit the hosts file.

Workshop Setup

For your convenience there is a script available in the root of the summercamp vm


You can run it without an argument which will in turn setup all the workshops, or you can run it with workshop name as argument, and it will only run setup for that workshop. Possible arguments are


To run it, you need to ssh into your vm by using

vagrant ssh

Once you are logged in to your vm, execute

cd /var/www/summercamp/

and then you can execute

./ ezsylius

and only the ezsylius workshop would be installed