A tooltips plugin for Phaser.io game framework
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A tooltips UI component for Phaser.io Javascript library

Initialize the tooltip anywhere in your game

var myTooltip = new Phasetips(gameInstance, options);

pass necesery options like: context (the object that launches the tooltip)

new Phasetips(gameInstance, {
    targetObject: myObj,
    context: "Hello tooltip",
    strokeColor: 0xff0000

View example: Complete example

Game Instance The game instance that we want the tooltips to appear to, such as "game"

General Options:

  • context: The information inside the tooltip, can be String, Number, Sprite, Phaser.Text, Phaser.BitmapText, Phaser.Group, Phaser.Image
  • width: The width of the tooltip (default: auto)
  • height: The height of the tooltip (default: auto)
  • x: The x position of the tooltip (default: auto based on position)
  • y: The y position of the tooltip (default: auto based on position)
  • position: The position of the tooltip based on the targetObject (default: top, options: top, bottom, left, right)
  • targetObject: The actual object in which the tooltip will appear on hover (default: Game)
  • enableCursor: Enables the hand-cursor over the target object when hovered (default: false)
  • disableInputEvents: If disableInputEvents option is set to true, the tooltip will not add will not add input events. Use simulateOnHoverOver, simulateOnHoverOut, hideTooltip or showTooltip API functions to manually control the visibility. (Default: false)

Animation Options:

  • animation: The animation effect (default: fade, options:fade, grow, none)
  • animationSpeedShow: The duration of the animation effect showing the tooltip (default: 300)
  • animationSpeedHide: The duration of the animation effect hiding the tooltip (default: 200)
  • animationDelay: The animation delay before showing the tooltip (default: 0)

Alignment Options:

  • padding: The padding that the context keeps from the tooltip bounds (default: 20)
  • positionOffset: The position offset that the tooltip keeps from the targetObject (default: 20)
  • fixedToCamera: Pins the tooltip on the camera and moves with it (x,y are now camera offset) (default: false)

Appearance Options:

  • backgroundColor: The color of the background (default: 0x000000)
  • roundedCornersRadius: Radius of the rectangle corners. Set to 1 to use a regular rectangle. (default: 1)
  • strokeColor: The color of tooltip stroke (default: 0xffffff)
  • strokeWeight: The line weight of the tooltip stroke (default: 2)
  • customBackground: If the tooltip will use a custom background (default: false)
  • initialOn: If the tooltip will visible when it first appears

Font Options:

It is also possible to define individual text style options.

  • font: The style and size of the font. This is overridden if you set any of the following font options. (default: '')
  • fontSize: The size of the font. Accepts either string or number. eg. 12 or '12px' (default: 12)
  • fontFill: A canvas fillstyle that will be used on the text eg 'red', '#00FF00'. (default: '#FFFFFF')
  • fontStroke: A canvas stroke style that will be used on the text stroke eg 'blue', '#FCFF00'. (default: '#232323')
  • fontStrokeThickness: A number that represents the thickness of the stroke. Set 0 for no stroke. (default: 1)
  • fontWordWrap: Indicates if word wrap should be used. (default: true)
  • fontWordWrapWidth: The width in pixels at which text will wrap. (default: 200)

Text Style Options:

Set an object with respective properties to define all at once.

  • textStyle: Declares styles for the simple text element. Individual font options above are overridden if the textStyle option is set. Default:
    font: '',
    fontSize: 12,
    fill: "#ffffff",
    stroke: "#1e1e1e",
    strokeThickness: 1,
    wordWrap: true,
    wordWrapWidth: 200,
    lineSpacing: -2

Callback Options:

  • onHoverCallback: Calls a function when hover occurs (default: fn)
  • onOutCallback: Calls a function when hover ends (default: fn)

API Functions

  • printOptions: Prints the options specified in the constructor on the console
  • updatePosition: Change the x, y of the tooltip
  • destroy: Destroys the tooltip and all its children
  • hideTooltip: Hide the tooltip
  • showTooltip: Show the tooltip
  • simulateOnHoverOver: Simulates onHoverOver
  • simulateOnHoverOut: Simulates onHoverOut

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The TODO list is diminising!

Please let me know if you come across some bug or have something to contribute