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changes to support async refactor

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1 parent 2e1e09d commit 1811be146faaeeebec7d18f7e3addb7a79d4e82d @netguy204 committed Aug 3, 2012
Showing with 4 additions and 14 deletions.
  1. +4 −14 src-cljs/move/interactors.cljs
18 src-cljs/move/interactors.cljs
@@ -2,32 +2,22 @@
(:require [move.models :as models]
[move.views :as views]
[ :as events]
- [ :as xhr]
- [goog.json :as json])
+ [move.async :as async]
+ [ :as xhr])
(:use-macros [move.macros :only [defasync]]))
-(defn- ev->str [ev]
- "convert a xhr event object into the text it contains"
- (.getResponseText (.-target ev)))
-(defasync get-json [url]
- "[async] retrieve the data at url"
- [event [xhr/send url]]
- (json/unsafeParse (ev->str event)))
(defasync sync-current-list [state]
"[async] get the current list from the server and update the model"
- [current-list [get-json "/resources/current-list.json"]
+ [current-list [async/get-json "/resources/current-list.json"]
list (models/make-list state current-list)]
(models/set-current-list state list)
(defasync sync-list-data [state list]
"[async] get the items in a list from the server and update the model"
- [list-items [get-json "/resources/list-items.json"]]
+ [list-items [async/get-json "/resources/list-items.json"]]
(doall (map #(models/add-todo state list % nil) list-items)))

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