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; Copyright 2010 Brian Taylor
; Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
; you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
; You may obtain a copy of the License at
; Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
; distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
; See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
; limitations under the License.
; DESCRIPTION: Provides the userspace interface to the native
; ffi library symbols exported by ffi.c
(define-struct ffi:cif
"internal representation of cif. holds on to stuff that needs to be
garbage collected no earlier than the cif"
(define (ffi:make-function-spec return args)
"create callspec for a function of the given signature"
(let ((cif (ffi:make-cif))
(argspec (ffi:make-pointer-array (length args)))
(retspec (ffi:primitive return)))
(dolist-idx ((arg idx) args)
(let ((arg-type (assert (ffi:primitive arg))))
(ffi:set-array-pointer! argspec idx arg-type)))
(assert retspec)
;; construct the cif
(assert (ffi:prep-cif cif (length args) retspec argspec))
(make-ffi:cif 'cif cif
'argspec argspec
'retspec retspec)))
(define-struct ffi:alien-type
"a wrapped alien type"
(define (ffi:alien-string str)
"create an alien string"
'type 'ffi-pointer
'value (ffi:string-to-alien str)))
(define (ffi:alien-uchar val)
"create an alien unsigned char"
'type 'ffi-uchar
'value (ffi:int-to-alien val)))
(define (ffi:alien-ushort val)
"create an alien unsigned short"
'type 'ffi-ushort
'value (ffi:int-to-alien val)))
(define (ffi:alien-uint val)
"create an alien unsigned int"
'type 'ffi-uint
'value (ffi:int-to-alien val)))
(define (ffi:to-alien obj)
"convert obj to its corresponding alien representation"
((string? obj) (ffi:string-to-alien obj))
((integer? obj) (ffi:int-to-alien obj))
((ffi:alien-type? obj) (ffi:alien-type-value-ref obj))
((alien? obj) obj)
(else (throw-error "can't convert" obj "to alien"))))
(define (ffi:from-alien obj type)
"convert obj from alien assuming that it's of the given type"
(case type
(ffi-uint (ffi:alien-to-int obj))
(ffi-pointer obj)
(ffi-void nil)
(else (throw-error "can't convert" type "back from alien"))))
(define (ffi:alien-type obj)
"determine the alien type tag for a given object"
((string? obj) 'ffi-pointer)
((alien? obj) 'ffi-pointer)
((integer? obj) 'ffi-uint)
((ffi:alien-type? obj) (ffi:alien-type-type-ref obj))
(else (throw-error "don't know ffi type for" obj))))
(define (ffi:empty-alien type)
"allocate default initialized alien value of a given type"
(case type
(ffi-uint (ffi:int-to-alien 0))
(ffi-pointer (ffi:address-of (ffi:int-to-alien 0)))
(ffi-void nil)
(else (throw-error "can't make empty" type))))
(define-struct ffi:values
"an array of alien values as void**"
(define (ffi:make-value-array args)
"convert a list of scheme and alien arguments into a void**"
(let* ((values (ffi:make-pointer-array (length args)))
(value-list (map ffi:to-alien args))
(value-ptr-list (map ffi:address-of value-list)))
(dolist-idx ((val idx) value-ptr-list)
(ffi:set-array-pointer! values idx val))
(make-ffi:values 'array values
'list value-list
'ptr-list value-ptr-list)))
(define-syntax (ffi:funcall fnptr result-type . args)
"call alien function expecting result and using default assumed
alien types for the given arguments if they're not already alien. This
macro may mutate fnptr to cache its function signature"
`(let-static ((fnspec ()))
(let* ((values (ffi:make-value-array (list . ,args)))
(result (ffi:empty-alien ,result-type))
(result-ptr (ffi:address-of result)))
(unless fnspec
(set! fnspec (ffi:make-function-spec
(map ffi:alien-type (list . ,args)))))
(ffi:call (ffi:cif-cif-ref fnspec) ,fnptr result-ptr (ffi:values-array-ref values))
(let ((call-result (ffi:from-alien result ,result-type)))
(define-syntax (with-library handle-and-name . body)
"provide a handle to a dynamic library while body is in scope. The
body will be re-executed with a new handle whenever the image is
`(let ((loader
(lambda ()
(let ((,(first handle-and-name)
(ffi:dlopen ,(second handle-and-name))))
(let ((result (begin . ,body)))
(push! loader *load-hooks*)
;; simple example of using ffi to resolve symbols
;; already loaded by ld
(with-library (handle nil)
(let ((lputs (ffi:dlsym handle "puts"))
(lfork (ffi:dlsym handle "fork"))
(lsleep (ffi:dlsym handle "sleep"))
(lusleep (ffi:dlsym handle "usleep"))
(lputchar (ffi:dlsym handle "putchar"))
(lwait (ffi:dlsym handle "wait"))
(ltime (ffi:dlsym handle "time"))
(ltest-fn (ffi:dlsym handle "test_fn")))
(assert ltest-fn)
(define (test-fn closure)
(ffi:funcall ltest-fn 'ffi-void closure))
(define (fork)
(ffi:funcall lfork 'ffi-uint))
(define (sleep seconds)
(ffi:funcall lsleep 'ffi-uint seconds))
(define (usleep useconds)
(ffi:funcall lusleep 'ffi-uint useconds))
;; this definition is a bit trickier because we're
;; dealing with a pointer to a primitive
;; unsigned int wait(unsigned int* status);
(define (wait)
(let* ((status (ffi:int-to-alien 0))
(pid (ffi:funcall lwait 'ffi-uint (ffi:address-of status))))
(list (cons 'pid pid)
(cons 'status (ffi:alien-to-int status)))))))
(define (closure-target alien-arg-array)
(display "I was called! ")
(display (ffi:alien-to-int
(ffi:deref (ffi:get-array-pointer alien-arg-array 0))))
;;calls test_fn in the ffi.c file with a function pointer that will
;;invoke closure-target when called. Note that create-closure does not
;;currently protect the provided function (which can be any arbitrary
;;invokeable thing) from gc so it should be protected by other
;;means... here closure-target protected by being a global.
(define (closure-test)
(let* ((cif (ffi:make-function-spec 'ffi-void (list 'ffi-uint) nil))
(closure (ffi:create-closure (ffi:cif-cif-ref cif)
(test-fn closure)))
(define (ffi:fork-test)
(let ((pid (fork)))
(if (= pid 0)
(display "hello from the child")
(sleep 1)
(display "child is exiting")
(exit 1))
(display "hello from parent. child is ")
(display pid)
(display (wait))
(define (compile-and-run code)
"use gcc to compile code and then execute it using the reader to
capture whatever it writes to stdout"
(let ((tempfile "temp.c")
(tempcomp "temp"))
(with-output-stream (stream tempfile)
(write-stream stream code))
(let ((cmd (sprintf "gcc -o %s %s" tempcomp tempfile)))
(unless (system cmd)
(throw-error "command failed" cmd)))
(let* ((pipe (open-input-pipe (sprintf "./%s" tempcomp)))
(result (read-port pipe)))
(close-input-port pipe)
(system (sprintf "rm -f %s %s" tempfile tempcomp))
(define (ffi:include-and-main include main)
#include <stdio.h>
#include %s
int main(int argc, char ** argv) {
" include main))
(define (ffi:gen-printf format const)
printf(\"%s\\n\", %s);
" format const))
(define (ffi:gen-get-const include format const)
"generate c code to print out a constant numeric value"
(ffi:gen-printf format const)))
(define (ffi:gen-get-consts include format-consts)
(apply string-append
`(,(ffi:gen-printf "(" "0")
,@(map [ffi:gen-printf (first _) (second _)]
,(ffi:gen-printf ")" "0")))))
(define (ffi:get-const include format const)
(compile-and-run (ffi:gen-get-const include format const)))
(define (ffi:get-consts include format-and-consts)
(compile-and-run (ffi:gen-get-consts include format-and-consts)))
(define (ffi:offsets-of include type fields)
"generate c code to print the offsets of FIELDS in TYPE"
(ffi:get-consts include
(map (lambda (field)
(list "%ld" (sprintf "(long)&(((%s *)0)->%s)" type field)))
(define (ffi:offset-of include type field)
"generate c code to print the offset of FIELD in TYPE"
(first (ffi:offsets-of include type (list field))))
(define (ffi:sizes-of include types)
"generate c code to print the size of TYPE"
(ffi:get-consts include
(map (lambda (type)
(list "%ld" (sprintf "sizeof(%s)" type)))
(define (ffi:size-of include type)
"generate c code to print the size of TYPE"
(first (ffi:sizes-of include (list type))))
(define-constant-function ffi:size-of-long
(ffi:size-of "<stdlib.h>" "long"))
(define-constant-function ffi:endianess
(let* ((fields (ffi:get-consts "<endian.h>" '(("%d" "__BIG_ENDIAN")
("%d" "__LITTLE_ENDIAN")
("%d" "__BYTE_ORDER"))))
(big (first fields))
(little (second fields))
(ours (third fields)))
((= ours big) 'big-endian)
((= ours little) 'little-endian)
(else (throw-error "unrecognized byte order" ours)))))
(define (ffi:little-endian?)
(eq? (ffi:endianess) 'little-endian))
(define (ffi:bs->machine bytes)
"put BYTES into machine order from bs order"
(if (ffi:little-endian?)
(reverse bytes)
(define (ffi:machine->bs bytes)
"put BYTES into bs order from machine order"
(if (ffi:little-endian?)
(reverse bytes)
(define (ffi:integer->bytes int num-bytes)
"convert INT into NUM-BYTES bytes with most significant first"
(let loop ((count 0)
(value int)
(result nil))
(if (< count num-bytes)
(loop (+ count 1)
(ash value -8)
(cons (logand value #Xff) result))
(define (ffi:integer->long-bytes int)
"create a list of N bytes with the most significant first"
(let ((num-bytes (ffi:size-of-long)))
(ffi:integer->bytes int num-bytes)))
(define (ffi:long-bytes->integer bytes)
"convert a most-significant-first array of bytes into an integer"
(assert (<= (length bytes) (ffi:size-of-long)))
(let loop ((remaining bytes)
(result 0))
(if remaining
(loop (rest remaining)
(logor (ash result 8) (first remaining)))
(define (ffi:set-bytes bytes offset count value)
"set COUNT bytes to VALUE in BYTES starting at OFFSET"
(dotimes (idx count)
(ffi:byte-set! bytes (+ offset idx) (if (char? value)
(integer->char value))))
(define (ffi:pack-bytes bytes offset to-pack)
"pack TO-PACK bytes into BYTES starting at OFFSET"
(dolist-idx ((val idx) to-pack)
(ffi:byte-set! bytes (+ offset idx) (if (char? val)
(integer->char val))))
(define (ffi:unpack-bytes bytes offset count)
"unpack COUNT bytes from BYTES starting at OFFSET"
(let ((result nil))
(dotimes (idx count)
(push! (char->integer (ffi:byte-ref bytes (+ offset idx))) result))
(reverse result)))
(define (ffi:pack-long bytes offset long)
"pack machine sized LONG into BYTES starting at OFFSET"
(ffi:pack-bytes bytes offset (ffi:bs->machine (ffi:integer->long-bytes long)))
(define (ffi:unpack-integer bytes offset num-bytes)
"unpack an integer of NUM-BYTES from BYTES at OFFSET"
(ffi:long-bytes->integer (ffi:machine->bs (ffi:unpack-bytes bytes offset num-bytes))))
(define (ffi:make-int-unpacker sz)
"make an int unpacker that unpacks ints of size SZ"
(lambda (bytes offset)
(ffi:unpack-integer bytes offset sz)))
(define (ffi:unpack-long bytes offset)
"unpack machine sized long from BYTES starting at OFFSET"
(ffi:unpack-integer bytes offset (ffi:size-of-long)))
(define (ffi:pack-byte bytes offset byte)
(ffi:pack-bytes bytes offset (list (if (char? byte)
(char->integer byte)
(define (ffi:unpack-byte bytes offset)
(first (ffi:unpack-bytes bytes offset 1)))
(define (ffi:unpack-pointer bytes offset)
(ffi:deref (ffi:offset-pointer bytes offset)))
(define (ffi:symbol-stringify sym-or-string)
"convert SYM-OR-STRING into a string if it's a symbol"
(if (symbol? sym-or-string)
(symbol->string sym-or-string)
(define (ffi:symbol-append sym-or-string value)
"create a new value that is SYM-OR-STRING concatenated with VALUE"
(string->symbol (prim-concat (ffi:symbol-stringify sym-or-string)
(ffi:symbol-stringify value))))
(define (ffi:compute-enums include names-and-symbols)
"compute the numeric value of each of NAMES-AND-SYMBOLS by parsing
(let ((enums (ffi:get-consts include
(map (lambda (nas)
(list "%d" (ffi:symbol-stringify (first nas))))
(map cons enums names-and-symbols)))
(define-syntax (ffi:define-enum include cname lisp-name . names-and-symbols)
"create a pack and unpack method for enumerated values of CNAME
under names that are suffixed with LISP-NAME"
;; fixme: INCLUDE has to literally be a string... how can i get it
;; to evaluate to whatever what the user passes is bound to?
(let* ((ens (ffi:compute-enums include names-and-symbols))
(sz (ffi:size-of include (ffi:symbol-stringify cname)))
(sym-to-num (map (lambda (e)
(list (third e) (first e)))
(num-to-sym (map (lambda (e)
(list (first e) (third e)))
(define (,(ffi:symbol-append "pack-" lisp-name)
bytes offset symbol)
"pack SYMBOL into BYTES at OFFSET"
(let ((e (assoc symbol ',sym-to-num)))
(unless e
(throw-error "symbol" symbol "is not a valid enum value"))
(ffi:pack-bytes bytes offset
(ffi:integer->bytes (second e) ,sz)))
(define (,(ffi:symbol-append "unpack-" lisp-name)
bytes offset)
"unpack a symbol from BYTES at OFFSET"
(let* ((val (ffi:unpack-integer bytes offset 1))
(e (assoc val ',num-to-sym)))
(unless e
(throw-error val "is not a valid enumerated value"))
(second e)))
(define (,(ffi:symbol-append "size-of-" lisp-name))
(define-syntax (ffi:define-header-struct header type lisp-name . fields)
;; format of fields is ("field-name" lisp-field-name field-parser)
(let* ((offsets (ffi:offsets-of header type (map first fields)))
(field-handlers (map (lambda (off field)
(let ((fn (eval (third field))))
(lambda (bytes offset)
;; emit an alist entry
(list (second field)
(fn bytes (+ offset off))))))
offsets fields)))
`(define (,lisp-name bytes offset)
(map (lambda (handler)
(handler bytes offset))
(define (ffi:create-long-example long)
(ffi:pack-long (ffi:make-bytes (ffi:size-of-long)) 0 long))
(define (ffi:gcc-test)
"examples of using the ffi code that depends on gcc"
(let ((include "\"types.h\""))
(printf "object is %a bytes\n" (ffi:size-of include "object"))
(printf "string is at offset %a\n" (ffi:offset-of include "object" "data.string.value"))))
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