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;;; bullshit! (bs) --- a stupid issue tracker
;; Design:
;; This will be heavily geared at Git. Like Git, bs itself does
;; not directly interact with the user. Commands are generally
;; non-interactive transaction on the issue database, and in the
;; event interaction is needed (entering detailed issue notes) the
;; EDITOR is displayed.
;; Issues are identified by a unique ID (not a hash). Like a Git
;; hash, they can be referenced by the substring. They are stored as
;; a specially-printed plist in a flat-file database.
;; bs init
;; Create an empty issue database.
;; bs list
;; List all open issues.
;; bs show ISSUE
;; Show all details on given issue.
;; bs new MESSAGE
;; Just like create, but immediately commit the issue into Git.
;; bs close ISSUE
;; Set an issue to closed.
;; bs commit MSG
;; Commit all database changes into repository.
;; By default almost all commands will immediately commit the
;; database change into Git. There will be an option switch to not do
;; this.
(require 'getopt)
(require 'sugar)
(define *bs-dir* ".bs"
"Location of issue database.")
(define (config-file)
"Return location of global config file."
(string-append (or (getenv "HOME") "") "/.bsconfig"))
(define (get-editor)
"Return name of user's editor."
(or (getenv "EDITOR") "nano"))
(define *default-msg* "Update bs database."
"Default commit message.")
(define *tmp-file* ".git/BS_EDIT"
"Temporary EDITOR file.")
(define *props* '(id priority status category user date title comments))
(define *priorities* '(low normal high urgent)
"Priorities in order, 0-4.")
;; Error handling
(define (bs-error . msgs)
"Produce an error message for the user."
(display "bs: error: ")
(dolist (msg msgs)
(display msg))
(exit 1))
(define (bs-warning . msgs)
"Produce a warning message for the user."
(display "bs: warning: ")
(dolist (msg msgs)
(display msg))
;; Argument processing
(define (go-to-root)
"Change current working directory to the project root."
((file-exists? *bs-dir*) #t)
((equal? "/" (getcwd))
(bs-error "Not in a project, or project uninitialized."))
(#t (begin (chdir "..") (go-to-root)))))
(define (process-args-img)
"Process arguments as an image."
(define *argv* *args*)
(bs-exec (first *args*) (cdr *args*)))
(define (process-args)
"Process arguments as a script."
(define *argv* (cdr *args*))
(bs-exec (second *args*) (cddr *args*)))
(define (optlist opts)
"Turn arguments into a plist."
(letrec ((iter (lambda (opt)
(if opt
(append (list (string->symbol
(char->string opt)) *optarg*)
(iter (getopt opts)))
(let ((plist (iter (getopt opts))))
(append (list 'rest (nthcdr *optind* *argv*)) plist))))
;; Command processing
(define (bs-exec cmd args)
"Execute user command."
((equal? cmd "help") (bs-help args))
((equal? cmd "init") (bs-init args))
((equal? cmd "list") (bs-list args))
((equal? cmd "show") (bs-show args))
((equal? cmd "new") (bs-new args))
((equal? cmd "close") (bs-close args))
((equal? cmd "commit") (bs-commit args))
((eq? cmd nil) (bs-help args))
(#t (begin
(display "Unknown command ")
(display cmd)))))
(define (bs-init args)
"Initialize bs database in current directory."
(if (file-exists? *bs-dir*)
(bs-error "database already initialized"))
(if (mkdir *bs-dir*)
(display "Initialized empty issue database.\n")
(bs-error "failed to initialize database\n")))
(define (bs-help args)
(display "usage: bs [bs-opts] command [cmd-opts]\n\n")
(display "help Print this help information\n")
(display "init Create an empty issue database\n")
(display "list Print list of current issues.\n")
(display "show Show all information on a commit.\n")
(display "new Create a new issue.\n")
(display "close Set issue status to closed.\n")
(display "commit Commit database to Git.\n"))
(define (bs-list args)
"List the current issues."
(dolist (issue (dir *bs-dir*))
(print-issue-short (fetch-issue issue))))
(define (bs-show args)
"Show all information on an issue."
(print-issue (fetch-issue (canon (car args)))))
(define (bs-new args)
"Create a new issue."
(let* ((opts (optlist "np:c:t:"))
(do-commit (not (plist-get opts 'n)))
(id (create-id))
(priority (priority (or (plist-get opts 'p) 'normal)))
(cat (string->symbol (or (plist-get opts 'c) "bug")))
(title (or (plist-get opts 't) (edit-message)))
(message (if (plist-get opts 't) '() (list (get-message))))
(issue (list 'id id 'priority priority 'category cat 'user *full*
'date (date-string) 'title title 'status 'open
'comments message)))
(write-issue issue)
(print-issue-short issue)
(display (string-append "Created issue " id "\n"))
(if do-commit
(commit-issue issue))))
(define (bs-close args)
"Set a commit status to closed."
(let* ((opts (optlist "n"))
(do-commit (not (plist-get opts 'n)))
(issue (fetch-issue (canon (car (plist-get opts 'rest))))))
(if (eq? (plist-get issue 'status) 'closed)
(bs-warning "issue was already closed")
(plist-set! issue 'status 'closed)
(write-issue issue)
(if do-commit
(commit-issue issue
(string-append "closed: " (co-msg issue))))))))
(define (bs-commit args)
"Commit current database to the repository."
(commit (car-else args *default-msg*)))
;; Issue handling
(define (canon short)
"Find the full issue name for a possible short-hand name."
(if (null? short)
(bs-error "must provide a commit to show"))
(letrec ((match (lambda (lst)
(if (null? lst)
(bs-error "unknown issue: " short)
(if (equal? short (substring (car lst) 0
(string-length short)))
(car lst)
(match (cdr lst)))))))
(match (dir *bs-dir*))))
(define (fetch-issue name)
"Fetch an issue s-exp by name."
(let ((file (string-append *bs-dir* "/" name)))
(if (file-exists? file)
(call-with-input-file file read-port)
(bs-error "No such issue: " name))))
(define (short-id issue)
"Return short id version of issue."
(substring (plist-get issue 'id) 0 7))
(define (print-issue-short issue)
"Print out the issue summary in one line."
(when (eq? (plist-get issue 'status) 'open)
(display (short-id issue))
(display " ")
(display (plist-get issue 'priority))
(display " ")
(display (plist-get issue 'category))
(display " ")
(display (plist-get issue 'title))
(display "\n")))
(define (print-issue issue)
"Print out the issue summary in one line."
(printf "issue %s %a (%a priority)\n"
(plist-get issue 'id)
(plist-get issue 'status)
(plist-get issue 'priority))
(printf "Category: %a\n" (plist-get issue 'category))
(printf "Author: %s\n" (plist-get issue 'user))
(printf "Date: %s\n" (plist-get issue 'date))
(printf "\n\t%s\n\n" (plist-get issue 'title))
(dolist (msg (plist-get issue 'comments))
(display msg)
(define (write-issue issue)
"Write the given issue to the database."
(let ((port (open-output-port (issue-file issue))))
(write-string "(" port)
(dolist (prop *props*)
(write-port prop port)
(write-char #\tab port)
(write-port (plist-get issue prop) port)
(write-char #\newline port))
(write-string ")\n" port)
(close-output-port port)))
(define (issue-file issue)
"Determine file corresponding to the given issue."
(string-append *bs-dir* "/" (plist-get issue 'id)))
(define (create-id)
"Create a new issue id."
(let ((pad (lambda (str)
(if (< (string-length str) 4)
(string-append (make-string (- 4 (string-length str)) #\0)
(apply string-append
(map (compose pad (rcurry integer->string :base 16) random)
(make-list 4 (expt 2 16))))))
;; Committing
(define (string-prot s)
"Protect string for use in the shell."
(string-append "\"" s "\""))
(define (argcat . args)
"Concatenate strings for use in a command line."
(or (reduce (lambda (a b) (string-append a " " b)) (map string-prot args))
(define-syntax (git cmd . args)
"Run a git command."
`(system (string-append "git " ,(symbol->string cmd) " "
(argcat ,@args) " > /dev/null")))
(define (commit msg)
"Commit all current changes into the git repository."
(unless (and (git reset)
(git add *bs-dir*)
(git commit "-qm" (string-append "[issue] " msg)))
(display "No database changes to commit.\n")))
(define (co-msg issue)
"Create standard commit message for the given issue."
(string-append (plist-get issue 'title) " (" (short-id issue) ")"))
(define (commit-issue issue . msg)
"Commit a single issue into git."
(unless (and (git reset)
(git add (issue-file issue))
(git commit "-qm"
(string-append "[issue] " (car-else msg (co-msg issue)))))
(display "Failed to commit issue.\n")))
;; Environment
(let ((old-read-line read-line))
(define (read-line port) ; redefine
"Read a non-comment line from the file."
(let ((line (old-read-line port)))
((eof-object? line) line)
((eq? (string-ref line 0) #\#) (read-line port))
(#t line)))))
(define (load-config)
"Load configuration into global variables."
(let ((config (get-config)))
(define *user* (plist-get config 'user))
(define *email* (plist-get config 'email))
(define *full* (string-append *user* " <" *email* ">"))
(define (get-config)
"Fetch configuration."
(if (file-exists? (config-file))
(call-with-input-file (config-file) read-port)
(define (eof-to-empty line)
(if (eof-object? line) "" line))
(define (get-git-config)
"Derive a config from Git."
(let* ((name-in (open-input-pipe "git config"))
(mail-in (open-input-pipe "git config"))
(res (list 'user (eof-to-empty (read-line name-in))
'email (eof-to-empty (read-line mail-in)))))
(close-input-port name-in)
(close-input-port mail-in)
(if (or (= 0 (string-length (plist-get res 'user)))
(= 0 (string-length (plist-get res 'email))))
(list 'user "unknown" 'email "unknown")
(define (edit-message)
"Summon the EDITOR to interact with the user."
(let ((template (open-output-port *tmp-file*)))
(display "\n" template)
(display "# Put your issue message above. " template)
(display "Lines starting with # are ignored.\n" template)
(display "#\n" template)
(display "# The first line is the issue title. " template)
(display "Follow this with a blank line and\n" template)
(display "# then a detailed commentary of the issue.\n" template)
(display "#\n" template)
(close-output-port template))
(let* ((ret (system (string-append (get-editor) " " *tmp-file*)))
(title (call-with-input-file *tmp-file* read-line)))
(unless ret
(bs-error "editor aborted"))
(if (= 0 (string-length title))
(bs-error "empty message/title: aborting"))
(define (get-message)
"Get the message from the tempfile, less the title."
(call-with-input-file *tmp-file*
[begin (read-line _) (read-line _) (slurp-port _)]))
;; Misc
(define (priority p)
"Return the appropriate priority symbol."
;; Waiting on read-string to make this useful.
(let ((p (if (string? p) (string->symbol p) p)))
((null? p) (priority 1))
((and (number? p) (>= p 0) (<= p (length *priorities*)))
(list-ref *priorities* p))
((and (symbol? p) (member? p *priorities*)) p)
(#t (bs-error "unknown priority: " p)))))