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;;; Input/Output functions and macros
(define-syntax (with-open-file binding . body)
(let ((var (first binding))
(file (second binding))
(res (gensym)))
`(let ((,var (open-input-port ,file)))
(if (eof-object? ,var)
(throw-error "failed to open" ,file)
(let ((,res (begin ,@body)))
(close-input-port ,var)
(define (chmod file mode)
"Change mode of filename in string FILE to MODE."
(assert-types (file string?) (mode integer?))
(%chmod file mode))
(define (umask mode)
"Set the current process umask."
(assert-types (mode integer?))
(%umask mode))
(define (mkdir file . modearg)
(let ((mode (car-else modearg 493))) ; #o755
(assert-types (file string?) (mode integer?))
(%mkdir file mode)))
(define (rename-file oldname newname)
"Rename/move a file."
(assert-types (oldname string?) (newname string?))
(%rename-file oldname newname))
(define (opendir dir)
"Open a directory-stream for reading."
(assert-types (dir string?))
(%opendir dir))
(define (readdir stream)
"Read the next entry in the directory stream."
(assert-types (stream directory-stream?))
(%readdir stream))
(define (closedir stream)
"Close the directory stream."
(assert-types (stream directory-stream?))
(%closedir stream))
(define (dir name)
"Return list of files in directory."
(let ((dir (opendir name)))
(letrec ((iter (lambda (file)
(if (eof-object? file)
(if (or (equal? file ".")
(equal? file ".."))
(iter (readdir dir))
(cons file (iter (readdir dir))))))))
(let ((res (iter (readdir dir))))
(closedir dir)
(define (file-exists? name)
"Return #t if file exists, otherwise false."
(or (file-exists?0 name)
(let ((dir (opendir name)))
(if (eof-object? dir)
(closedir dir)
(define (port-dump in out)
"Quickly dump the contents of one port into the other port."
(assert-types (in input-port?) (out output-port?))
(%port-dump in out))
(define (open-input-pipe name)
"Open a process for reading it's output (popen)."
(assert-types (name string?))
(%open-input-pipe name))
(define (open-output-pipe name)
"Open a process to write to it (popen)."
(assert-types (name string?))
(%open-output-pipe name))
(define (read-line in)
"Read the next line from the input port."
(letrec ((iter (lambda (str next)
(if (and (eof-object? next)
(= 0 (string-length str)))
(if (or (eq? next #\newline)
(eof-object? next))
(iter (string-append str (char->string next))
(read-char in)))))))
(iter "" (read-char in))))
(define (slurp-port port)
"Read the rest of the port into a single string."
(letrec ((iter (lambda (next lst)
(if (eof-object? next)
(iter (read-line port) (cons next lst))))))
(apply string-append
(map (lambda (str) (string-append str "\n"))
(reverse (iter (read-line port) '()))))))
(define (flush-output out)
"Flush output port buffer."
(assert-types (out output-port?))
(%flush-output out))
(define (write-string str out)
"Write a string to the output port."
(dotimes (i (string-length str))
(write-char (string-ref str i) out)))
(define (unread-char ch port)
"Put a single character back into the read buffer."
(assert-types (ch char?) (port input-port?))
(%unread-char ch port))
(define (port? port)
"Return #t if object is a port."
(or (input-port? port) (output-port? port)))
(define (fileno port)
"Return file descriptor number for the given port."
(assert-types (port port?))
(%fileno port))
(define (select reads writes excps sec usec)
"Wait for I/O availability on a port, or until timeout. Returns
three lists, corresponding to the read, write, and exceptions lists,
where the listed ports have non-blocking actions available."
(let ((fileno-or-pass (lambda (x) (if (port? x) (fileno x) x))))
(let ((readnos (map fileno-or-pass reads))
(writenos (map fileno-or-pass writes))
(excpnos (map fileno-or-pass excps)))
(let ((read-map (map cons readnos reads))
(write-map (map cons writenos writes))
(excp-map (map cons excpnos excps)))
(let ((avail (%select readnos writenos excpnos sec usec))
(remap (lambda (mapping lst)
(map (compose cdr (rcurry assoc mapping)) lst))))
(map remap (list read-map write-map excp-map) avail))))))
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