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(require 'sdl)
(define-generic make-compatible-surface
"internal method. creates an sdl surface that's compatible with a
given canvas")
(define-generic draw
"request that a morph update its canvas")
(define-generic draw-on
"draw an object onto a canvas")
(define-generic visible?
"true if a morph is visible")
(define-generic dirty?
"true if a morph needs to be redrawn")
(define-generic set-dirty!
"mark a morph that needs to be redrawn")
(define-generic make-compatible-canvas
"create a canvas that's compatible with the supplied canvas")
(define-generic width
"width of an object")
(define-generic height
"height of an object")
(define-generic position-x
"relative position of an object")
(define-generic position-y
"relative positioin of an object")
(define-generic contains?
"#t if the second item is fully contained by the first")
(define-generic draw-box
"draw a filled box on a canvas")
(define-generic draw-canvas
"draw a canvas onto another canvas at bounds")
(define-generic add-child
"add a morph to another as a child")
(define-generic handle-mouse-motion
"called when mouse motion occurs inside a morph")
(define-generic handle-mouse-down
"called when a button is clicked inside a morph")
(define-generic handle-mouse-up
"called when a button is released inside a morph")
(define-class <canvas> ()
"something you can draw on"
(define-method (initialize (canvas <canvas>) args)
(let ((surface (assert (getl args 'surface nil))))
(slot-set! canvas 'surface surface)))
(define (canvas->surface-info canvas)
(sdl:unpack-surface (slot-ref canvas 'surface) 0))
(define-method (width (canvas <canvas>))
(second (assoc 'w (canvas->surface-info canvas))))
(define-method (height (canvas <canvas>))
(second (assoc 'h (canvas->surface-info canvas))))
(define-method (make-compatible-canvas (surface <alien>) width height)
(make <canvas>
'surface (sdl:create-compatible-surface surface width height)))
(define-method (make-compatible-canvas (canvas <canvas>) width height)
(make-compatible-canvas (slot-ref canvas 'surface) width height))
(define-class <world> (<canvas>)
"the root level canvas"
(define-method (initialize (world <world>) args)
(slot-set! world 'morphs nil)
(define (create-world title width height)
"create a new world canvas"
(sdl:init (sdl:INIT-VIDEO))
(sdl:wm-set-caption title title)
(let ((screen (sdl:set-video-mode width height 0 0)))
(set! *world* (make <world>
'surface screen))))
(define-method (add-child (world <world>) morph)
(slot-set! world 'morphs
(cons morph (slot-ref world 'morphs)))
(slot-set! morph 'parent world))
(define-method (draw (world <world>))
(dolist (morph (slot-ref world 'morphs))
(when (visible? morph)
(draw-on world morph 0 0))
(sdl:update-rect (slot-ref world 'surface) 0 0
(width world) (height world))))
(define-method (position-x (world <world>))
(define-method (position-y (world <world>))
(define-class <bounds> ()
"defines general boundries"
('x 'y 'w 'h))
(define-method (initialize (b <bounds>) args)
(slot-set! b 'x (getl args 'x 0))
(slot-set! b 'y (getl args 'y 0))
(slot-set! b 'w (getl args 'w 0))
(slot-set! b 'h (getl args 'h 0)))
(define-method (print-object (strm <output-stream>)
(bounds <bounds>))
(ssprintf strm "x: %a y: %a w: %a h: %a"
(position-x bounds)
(position-y bounds)
(width bounds)
(height bounds)))
(define-method (width (bounds <bounds>))
(slot-ref bounds 'w))
(define-method (height (bounds <bounds>))
(slot-ref bounds 'h))
(define-method (position-x (bounds <bounds>))
(slot-ref bounds 'x))
(define-method (position-y (bounds <bounds>))
(slot-ref bounds 'y))
(define (absolute-bounds outer inner)
"return INNER in absolute terms instead of relative to OUTER"
(let ((x0 (position-x outer))
(y0 (position-y outer))
(x1 (position-x inner))
(y1 (position-y inner))
(w (width inner))
(h (height inner)))
(make <bounds>
'x (+ x0 x1)
'y (+ y0 y1)
'w w 'h h)))
(define-method (contains? (bounds <bounds>) (test <bounds>))
(let ((bx (position-x bounds))
(by (position-y bounds))
(bw (width bounds))
(bh (height bounds))
(tx (position-x test))
(ty (position-y test))
(tw (width test))
(th (height test)))
(and (>= tx bx)
(>= ty by)
(<= (+ tx tw) (+ bx bw))
(<= (+ ty th) (+ by bh)))))
(define (offset bounds x y)
(make <bounds>
'x (+ x (slot-ref bounds 'x))
'y (+ y (slot-ref bounds 'y))
'w (slot-ref bounds 'w)
'h (slot-ref bounds 'h)))
(define-class <morph> (<bounds>)
"a dynamic nestable entity in the world"
(define-method (initialize (morph <morph>) args)
(let ((parent (getl args 'parent nil)))
(when parent
(add-child parent morph))
(define-method (handle-mouse-motion (morph <morph>) position click)
(define-method (handle-mouse-down (morph <morph>) position button)
(define-method (handle-mouse-up (morph <morph>) position button)
(define-method (visible? (morph <morph>))
(define-method (add-child (morph <morph>) other)
(slot-set! morph 'children
(cons other (slot-ref morph 'children)))
(slot-set! other 'parent morph))
(define-method (draw-on (canvas <canvas>) (morph <morph>) xoff yoff)
;; drawing is completely deferred to submorphs
(let ((xoff (+ xoff (slot-ref morph 'x)))
(yoff (+ yoff (slot-ref morph 'y))))
(dolist (sub (slot-ref morph 'children))
(draw-on canvas sub xoff yoff))))
(define-method (dirty? (morph <morph>))
(define-method (print-object (stream <output-stream>)
(morph <morph>))
(ssprintf stream "#<instance-of %a x: %a y: %a children: %a>"
(class-of morph)
(slot-ref morph 'x)
(slot-ref morph 'y)
(slot-ref morph 'children)))
(define-class <canvas-morph> (<morph>)
"a morph that draws to an off-screen canvas"
(define-method (initialize (cm <canvas-morph>) args)
(let ((w (width cm))
(h (height cm)))
(slot-set! cm 'canvas (make-compatible-canvas *world* w h))
(set-dirty! cm #t)))
(define-method (add-child (cm <canvas-morph>) other)
(set-dirty! cm #t)
(define-method (visible? (cm <canvas-morph>))
(define-method (dirty? (cm <canvas-morph>))
(slot-ref cm 'dirty))
(define-method (set-dirty! (cm <canvas-morph>) val)
(slot-set! cm 'dirty val))
(define-method (draw-on (canvas <canvas>) (morph <canvas-morph>) xoff yoff)
(when (dirty? morph)
(draw morph))
(draw-canvas canvas (slot-ref morph 'canvas)
(offset morph xoff yoff)))
(define-method (draw (cm <canvas-morph>))
(dolist (sub (slot-ref cm 'children))
(draw-on (slot-ref cm 'canvas) sub 0 0))
(set-dirty! cm #f))
(define-struct color
(r g b a))
(define-class <box-morph> (<canvas-morph>)
"a very simple morph"
(define-method (initialize (box <box-morph>) args)
(slot-set! box 'color (getl args 'color nil))
(define-method (draw (box <box-morph>))
(let* ((w (width box))
(h (height box)))
(draw-box (slot-ref box 'canvas)
(slot-ref box 'color)
0 0 w h))
(define-class <hand-morph> (<morph>)
"represents the user's pointer"
(define-method (handle-mouse-motion (hand <hand-morph>) position click)
(slot-set! hand 'x (first position))
(slot-set! hand 'y (second position)))
(define (handle-events world hand)
"this method loops until world terminates"
(let ((ev (sdl:wait-event)))
(case (and ev (sdl:event-type-ref ev))
(let ((v (sdl:event-value-ref ev)))
(handle-mouse-motion hand
(list (second (assoc 'x v))
(second (assoc 'y v)))
(> (second (assoc 'state v)) 0)))))
(draw world)
(handle-events world hand)))
;; canvas drawing commands
(define-method (draw-box (canvas <canvas>) color x y w h)
(sdl:box-rgba (slot-ref canvas 'surface) x y (+ x w) (+ y h)
(color-r-ref color)
(color-g-ref color)
(color-b-ref color)
(color-a-ref color)))
(define (bounds->rect bounds use-offset?)
(if use-offset?
(sdl:make-rect (position-x bounds) (position-y bounds)
(width bounds) (height bounds))
(sdl:make-rect 0 0 (width bounds) (height bounds))))
(define-method (draw-canvas (canvas <canvas>) other bounds)
(let ((src-rect (bounds->rect bounds #f))
(dst-rect (bounds->rect bounds #t))
(src-surf (slot-ref other 'surface))
(dst-surf (slot-ref canvas 'surface)))
(sdl:blit-surface src-surf src-rect dst-surf dst-rect)))
(define (morphic:test)
(let* ((world (create-world "Morphic World!" 640 480))
(toss (printf "world!\n"))
(morph (make <box-morph>
'parent world
'color (make-color 'r 128 'g 128 'b 255 'a 255)
'x 30
'y 30
'w 128
'h 160))
(toss (printf "box!\n"))
(morph2 (make <box-morph>
'parent morph
'color (make-color 'r 255 'g 128 'b 128 'a 255)
'x 2
'y 2
'w (- (width morph) 4)
'h 30))
(toss (printf "another box!\n"))
(hand (make <hand-morph>
'parent world))
(toss (printf "hand!\n")))
(handle-events world hand)))