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; Copyright 2010 Brian Taylor
; Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
; you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
; You may obtain a copy of the License at
; http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0
; Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
; distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
; See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
; limitations under the License.
(require 'ffi)
(with-library (nc "libncurses")
(let ((initscr (ffi:dlsym nc "initscr"))
(noecho (ffi:dlsym nc "noecho"))
(cbreak (ffi:dlsym nc "cbreak"))
(keypad (ffi:dlsym nc "keypad"))
(getch (ffi:dlsym nc "getch"))
(clear (ffi:dlsym nc "clear"))
(mvprintw (ffi:dlsym nc "mvprintw"))
(addch (ffi:dlsym nc "addch"))
(mvaddch (ffi:dlsym nc "mvaddch"))
(move (ffi:dlsym nc "move"))
(refresh (ffi:dlsym nc "refresh"))
(nodelay (ffi:dlsym nc "nodelay"))
(halfdelay (ffi:dlsym nc "halfdelay"))
(curs-set (ffi:dlsym nc "curs_set"))
(getmaxx (ffi:dlsym nc "getmaxx"))
(getmaxy (ffi:dlsym nc "getmaxy"))
(endwin (ffi:dlsym nc "endwin")))
(define nc:stdwin
(ffi:deref (ffi:dlsym-var nc "stdscr")))
(define nc:err -1)
(define nc:key-down 258)
(define nc:key-up 259)
(define nc:key-left 260)
(define nc:key-right 261)
(define nc:key-enter 10)
(define (nc:initscr)
"initialize the ncurses library"
(ffi:funcall initscr 'ffi-pointer))
(define (nc:noecho)
"disable echoing of getch'd characters as they're typed"
(ffi:funcall noecho 'ffi-uint))
(define (nc:cbreak)
"disable line buffering"
(ffi:funcall cbreak 'ffi-uint))
(define (nc:keypad screen boolean)
"treat function keys (like arrows) specially"
(ffi:funcall keypad 'ffi-uint
screen (if boolean
(ffi:alien-uchar 1)
(ffi:alien-uchar 0))))
(define (nc:getch)
"read a character from the window"
(ffi:funcall getch 'ffi-uint))
(define (nc:clear)
"clear the screen"
(ffi:funcall clear 'ffi-uint))
(define (nc:mvprintw x y msg)
"show msg at position x y"
(ffi:funcall mvprintw 'ffi-uint
(ffi:alien-uint x)
(ffi:alien-uint y)
(ffi:alien-string msg)))
(define (nc:addch ch)
"show char at current position"
(ffi:funcall addch 'ffi-uint
(ffi:alien-uchar (char->integer ch))))
(define (nc:mvaddch x y ch)
"show char at position x y"
(ffi:funcall mvaddch 'ffi-uint
(ffi:alien-uint x)
(ffi:alien-uint y)
(ffi:alien-uchar (char->integer ch))))
(define (nc:move x y)
"set current position to x y"
(ffi:funcall move 'ffi-uint
(ffi:alien-uint x)
(ffi:alien-uint y)))
(define (nc:refresh)
"flush the ncurses state to the terminal"
(ffi:funcall refresh 'ffi-uint))
(define (nc:nodelay screen boolean)
"cause getch not to block if no data is available"
(ffi:funcall nodelay 'ffi-uint
screen (if boolean
(ffi:alien-uchar 1)
(ffi:alien-uchar 0))))
(define (nc:halfdelay wait)
"allow getch to block for data up to time milliseconds"
(ffi:funcall halfdelay 'ffi-uint wait))
(define (nc:curs-set visibility)
"0 - invisible, 1 - normal, 2 - very visible"
(ffi:funcall curs-set 'ffi-uint visibility))
(define (nc:getmaxx win)
"Get screen width."
(ffi:funcall getmaxx 'ffi-uint win))
(define (nc:getmaxy win)
"Get screen height."
(ffi:funcall getmaxy 'ffi-uint win))
(define (nc:endwin)
"return the terminal to normal mode"
(ffi:funcall endwin 'ffi-uint))))
(define-syntax (with-curses win . body)
"wrap body in initscr and endwin"
(let* ((,win (nc:initscr))
(result (begin . ,body)))
(define (nc:debug-write form)
"since curses trashes stdout, this is a handy way to find out what's
(let ((out (open-output-port "debug")))
(write-port form out)
(close-output-port out)))
(define (nc:demo)
"simple demo of curses. doesn't seem to return with the repl fully
intact though."
(with-curses win
(nc:keypad win #t)
(nc:halfdelay 1)
(let ((boundx 80)
(boundy 40)
(mx 10)
(my 10)
(bx 0)
(by 0)
(bxv 1)
(byv 1)
(end #f))
(dowhile (not end)
;; get the input
(let ((chr (nc:getch)))
(nc:debug-write chr)
((= nc:key-left chr)
(set! mx (max 0 (- mx 1))))
((= nc:key-right chr)
(set! mx (min 40 (+ mx 1))))
((= nc:key-up chr)
(set! my (max 0 (- my 1))))
((= nc:key-down chr)
(set! my (min 40 (+ my 1))))
((= nc:key-enter chr)
(set! end #t))))
;; update the ball
(when (or (> bx boundx)
(< bx 0))
(set! bxv (- bxv)))
(when (or (> by boundy)
(< by 0))
(set! byv (- byv)))
(set! bx (+ bx bxv))
(set! by (+ by byv))
;; clear and draw the screen
my mx
(string-append "hello world "
(number->string mx)
" "
(number->string my)))
(nc:mvprintw by bx "#")
(sleep 1)))