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; This is just the beginnings of pulling in the PCRE library. This
; isn't very clean yet and surely has some memory leaks at the moment.
(require 'ffi)
(let* ((pcre (ffi:dlopen ""))
(compile (ffi:dlsym pcre "pcre_compile"))
(free (ffi:dlsym pcre "pcre_free"))
(exec (ffi:dlsym pcre "pcre_exec")))
(define (pcre:compile pattern)
"Compile a regexp."
(ffi:funcall compile 'ffi-pointer
(ffi:string-to-alien pattern)
(ffi:int-to-alien 0)
(ffi:make-pointer-array 1)
(ffi:make-pointer-array 1)
(ffi:int-to-alien 0)))
(define (pcre:free re)
"Free a compiled regexp. Currently segfaults. :-("
(ffi:funcall free 'ffi-void re))
(define (pcre:exec re str)
(ffi:funcall exec 'ffi-uint
(ffi:int-to-alien 0)
(ffi:string-to-alien str)
(ffi:int-to-alien (string-length str))
(ffi:int-to-alien 0)
(ffi:int-to-alien 0)
(ffi:make-pointer-array 30)
(ffi:int-to-alien 30)))
(define (pcre:match regexp-string string)
"Convenience function: return #t on match, #f otherwise."
;; The compiled regexp needs to be freed once that works.
(< -1 (pcre:exec (pcre:compile regexp-string) string))))