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(define *gnuplot-program* "gnuplot")
(define *gnuplot-handle* #f)
(define (plot:init)
"Initialize the plotting library."
(set! *gnuplot-handle*
(open-output-pipe *gnuplot-program*)))
(define (plot:raw . strings)
"Send bare strings to gnuplot without flushing."
(write-string (apply string-append strings) *gnuplot-handle*))
(define (plot:command command)
"Send a command to gnuplot."
(write-string command *gnuplot-handle*)
(write-char #\newline *gnuplot-handle*)
(flush-output *gnuplot-handle*))
(define (plot:send-vectors . vecs)
"Send vectors as columns to gunplot."
(dotimes (i (vector-length (car vecs)))
(for-each (lambda (vec)
(plot:raw (number->string (vector-ref vec i)) " ")) vecs)
(plot:raw "\n"))
(plot:command "e"))
(define (plot:send-list lst)
"Send a list to gunplot."
(for-each (compose plot:command number->string) lst)
(plot:command "e"))
(define (plot:vector vec)
"Plot a vector."
(plot:command "set style data lines")
(plot:command "plot '-'")
(plot:send-vectors vec))
(define (plot:list lst)
"Plot a list."
(plot:command "set style data lines")
(plot:command "plot '-'")
(plot:send-list lst))
(define (plot:hist lst . num-bins)
"Plot histogram of data."
(let* ((num-bins (if num-bins (car num-bins) 10))
(bins (make-vector num-bins 0))
(min (* 1.0 (apply min lst)))
(max (* 1.0 (apply max lst)))
(range (- max min))
(xs (make-vector num-bins 0)))
;; Generate x-data
(dotimes (i num-bins)
(vector-set! xs i (+ min (/ (* i range) num-bins))))
;; Generate y-data
(dolist (x lst)
(let ((i (floor (* (/ (- x min) range) (- num-bins 1)))))
(vector-set! bins i (+ 1 (vector-ref bins i)))))
(plot:command "set boxwidth 1 relative")
(plot:command "set style fill solid 1.0 border -1")
(plot:command "plot '-' with boxes lc rgb \"blue\"")
(plot:send-vectors xs bins)
(push! plot:init *load-hooks*)