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; Copyright 2010 Christopher Wellons
; Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
; you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
; You may obtain a copy of the License at
; http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0
; Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
; distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
; See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
; limitations under the License.
; DESCRIPTION: Imports functions from GNU Pth (portable threads) using
; FFI. Provides routines for non-preemptive threading. See the GNU Pth
; manual for details.
; WARNING: Aborting threads, such as with pth:kill, can cause memory
; leaks because the threads will never pop their GC roots. As with any
; threading library, try not to abort your threads.
(require 'ffi)
(require 'clos)
(with-library (pth "libpth")
(let ((init (ffi:dlsym pth "pth_init"))
(spawn (ffi:dlsym pth "pth_spawn"))
(yield (ffi:dlsym pth "pth_yield"))
(self (ffi:dlsym pth "pth_self"))
(join (ffi:dlsym pth "pth_join"))
(suspend (ffi:dlsym pth "pth_suspend"))
(resume (ffi:dlsym pth "pth_resume"))
(sleep (ffi:dlsym pth "pth_sleep"))
(usleep (ffi:dlsym pth "pth_usleep"))
(event (ffi:dlsym pth "pth_event"))
(wait (ffi:dlsym pth "pth_wait"))
(kill (ffi:dlsym pth "pth_kill")))
;; Define wrapper classes to hide Pth's alien nature
(define-class <pth:thread> ()
"Instance of a Pth thread."
(define-method (print-object (strm <output-stream>)
(thr <pth:thread>))
(let ((address (ffi:address-of (slot-ref thr 'alien-thread))))
(write-stream strm "#<pth:thread ")
(write-stream strm (number->string (ffi:alien-to-int address)))
(write-stream strm ">")))
(let ((threads nil))
(define-method (initialize (thread <pth:thread>) args)
(let* ((func (first args))
(cif (ffi:make-function-spec 'ffi-void (list 'ffi-void)))
(closure (ffi:create-closure (ffi:cif-cif-ref cif)
(thr (ffi:funcall spawn 'ffi-pointer
(ffi:int-to-alien 0)
(ffi:int-to-alien 0))))
(slot-set! thread 'alien-thread thr)
(slot-set! thread 'thread-fn func)
(push! thread threads))))
(define-class <pth:event> ()
"Instance of a Pth event."
(define-method (print-object (strm <output-stream>)
(event <pth:event>))
(write-stream strm "#<pth:event>"))
;; Create bindings to Pth
(define (pth:init)
"Initialize the Pth library."
(= 1 (ffi:funcall init 'ffi-uint)))
(define (pth:spawn func)
"Create a thread."
(make <pth:thread> (lambda (alien-arg-array) (func))))
(define (pth:yield)
"Yield to the Pth scheduler."
(= 1 (ffi:funcall yield 'ffi-uint (ffi:int-to-alien 0))))
(define (pth:self)
"Return a handle for the current thread."
(ffi:funcall join 'ffi-pointer))
(define (pth:join pth)
"Join the current thread with given thread."
(= 1 (ffi:funcall join 'ffi-uint
(slot-ref pth 'alien-thread)
(ffi:int-to-alien 0))))
(define (pth:suspend pth)
"Suspend the given thread, current thread is not allowed."
(= 1 (ffi:funcall suspend 'ffi-uint (slot-ref pth 'alien-thread))))
(define (pth:resume pth)
"Resume the previously suspended thread."
(= 1 (ffi:funcall resume 'ffi-uint (slot-ref pth 'alien-thread))))
(define (pth:sleep sec)
"Like POSIX sleep(), but doesn't block all threads."
(= 0 (ffi:funcall sleep 'ffi-uint (ffi:int-to-alien sec))))
(define (pth:usleep usec)
"Like POSIX usleep(), but doesn't block all threads."
(= 0 (ffi:funcall usleep 'ffi-uint (ffi:int-to-alien usec))))
(define (pth:event type handle)
"Create a new Pth event."
(make <pth:event>
'alien-event (ffi:funcall event 'ffi-pointer
(ffi:int-to-alien type)
(ffi:int-to-alien handle))))
(define (pth:wait event)
"Wait on the given Pth event."
(ffi:funcall wait 'ffi-uint (slot-ref event 'alien-event)))
(define (pth:kill)
"Tear down the Pth library."
(= 1 (ffi:funcall kill 'ffi-uint)))
;; predefined events
(define stdin-event (pth:event 4098 0))))
; event subject classes
(define nc:event-fd 2)
(define nc:event-select 4)
(define nc:event-sigs 8)
(define nc:event-time 16)
(define nc:event-msg 32)
(define nc:event-mutex 64)
(define nc:event-cond 128)
(define nc:event-tid 256)
(define nc:event-func 512)
; event occurange restrictions
(define nc:until-fd-readable 4096)
(define nc:until-fd-writeable 8192)
(define-syntax (on-event event . body)
"Run body after event has occurred."
`(begin (pth:wait ,event) . ,body))
(define (pth:getch)
"For use with ncurses, a thread-friendly getch."
(on-event stdin-event