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;;; swank.sch --- BS swank server
;; DESCRIPTION: Provides Swank services for use with Emacs and Slime.
;; Connecting and basic use works, evaluating code from a buffer or
;; the REPL. Autodoc requests are ignored. Debugging doesn't work at
;; all yet.
(require 'socket)
(define *swank-port* 4005)
(define *swank-debug* #f)
(define (swank-listen . port-arg)
"Start the swank server."
(let* ((port0 (car-else port-arg *swank-port*))
(port (if (zero? port0) (+ 1024 (random 10000)) port0)))
(printf "Starting swank server on port %a\n" port)
(define *swank-stream* (make-server-stream port))
(while #t
(let ((exp (swank:recv)))
(when *swank-debug*
(print-object stdout-stream exp)
(let ((out
`(:return ,(apply (eval (car (second exp)))
(cdr (second exp)))
,(fifth exp))))
(when *swank-debug*
(print-object stdout-stream out)
(swank:send out))))))
(define (swank:send exp)
"Send the expression to SLIME."
(let ((buffer (make-string-buffer))
(pad (lambda (str)
(if (< (string-length str) 6)
(string-append (make-string (- 6 (string-length str)) #\0)
(print-object buffer exp)
(write-stream buffer "\n")
(let ((str (string-buffer->string buffer)))
(write-stream *swank-stream*
(pad (integer->string (string-length str) :base 16)))
(write-stream *swank-stream* str))))
(define (swank:recv)
"Read an expression from SLIME."
(dotimes (i 6)
(read-stream-char *swank-stream*)) ; throw out the number
(let ((exp (read-stream *swank-stream*)))
(read-stream-char *swank-stream*) ; throw out newline
;; Communication functions.
(define (object->string form)
"stringify a form using the standard printer"
(doto (make-string-buffer)
(print-object form))))
(define (safe-eval exp)
"for internal evaluations: returns exception or result"
(#t ex))
(eval exp)))
(define-syntax (with-standard-return . body)
`(cons ':ok (begin . ,body)))
(define (swank:connection-info . args)
(list `(:pid ,(getpid) :style nil :lisp-implementation (:name "bsch")
:version "2010-12-10"))))
(define (swank:swank-require . args)
"Ignore for now."
(define (swank:create-repl . args)
"Ignore for now."
'(("BSCH" "USER"))))
(define (swank:interactive-eval . args)
"Evaluate expression from SLIME."
(list (object->string (safe-eval (read-from-string (car args)))))))
(define (swank:listener-eval . args)
"Evaluate code from SLIME REPL."
(swank:send `(:presentation-start 1 :repl-result))
(swank:send `(:write-string ,(object->string
(safe-eval (read-from-string (car args))))
(swank:send `(:presentation-end 1 :repl-result))
(swank:send `(:write-string "\n" :repl-result))
(define (swank:compile-string-for-emacs . args)
"handle ctrl+c ctrl+c method of sending forms"
(list ':ok
,(object->string (safe-eval (read-from-string (car args)))))))
(define (swank:compile-file-for-emacs . args)
"handle ctrl+c ctrl+k method of sending a file"
(list ':ok
,(object->string (load (car args))))))
(define (swank:autodoc . args)
"Ignore for now."
(list "")))
(define (swank:buffer-first-change . args)
(list "")))
;; un-comment to have swank load on (require 'swank):