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;; call/cc threading
(require 'clos)
(require 'queue)
(define threads:suspended '())
(define threads:waiting '())
(define threads:ready (make-queue))
(define threads:running #f)
(define thread-counter 0)
;; CLOS stuff
(define-class <thread> ()
"A single state of execution."
('name 'call 'waiting 'port 'sleep 'dead))
(define-method (print-object (stream <output-stream>)
(thread <thread>))
(write-stream stream "#<thread ")
(print-object stream (slot-ref thread 'name))
(write-stream stream ">"))
(define-method (initialize (thread <thread>) args)
(slot-set! thread 'call (first args))
(if (null? (second args))
(slot-set! thread 'name (- (inc! thread-counter) 1))
(slot-set! thread 'name (second args)))
(slot-set! thread 'waiting #f)
(slot-set! thread 'dead #f))
;; Scheduler
(define (unwait-thread thread)
(set! threads:waiting (delete thread threads:waiting))
(slot-set! thread 'waiting #f)
(enqueue! threads:ready thread))
(define (wait-for-threads)
(let ((reads '())
(writes '())
(sleeper #f))
(dolist (thread threads:waiting)
(let ((type (slot-ref thread 'waiting)))
((eq? type 'sleep)
(if (not sleeper)
(set! sleeper thread)
(if (< (slot-ref thread 'sleep) (slot-ref sleeper 'sleep))
(set! sleeper thread))))
((eq? type 'read) (push! thread reads))
((eq? type 'write) (push! thread writes)))))
(let ((read-ports (map [slot-ref _ 'port] reads))
(write-ports (map [slot-ref _ 'port] writes)))
(let ((avail (select read-ports write-ports '()
0 (if sleeper (slot-ref sleeper 'sleep) 0))))
(if (equal? avail '(() () ()))
(unwait-thread sleeper)
(let ((read-map (map cons read-ports reads))
(write-map (map cons write-ports writes))
(remap (lambda (mapping lst)
(map (compose cdr (rcurry assoc mapping)) lst))))
(for-each unwait-thread (remap read-map (first avail)))
(for-each unwait-thread (remap write-map (second avail))))))))
(define (next-thread)
"Run the next thread in the queue."
(if (queue-empty? threads:ready)
(begin ; Run the next queued thread
(set! threads:running (dequeue! threads:ready))
((slot-ref threads:running 'call) #t))))
(define (thread-yield* fn)
(slot-set! threads:running 'call fn)
(if (slot-ref threads:running 'waiting)
(push! threads:running threads:waiting)
(enqueue! threads:ready threads:running))
(define (end-thread)
(slot-set! threads:running 'dead #t)
;; User functions
(define (make-thread func . name)
(let ((thread (make <thread> (lambda () (func) (end-thread))
(first name))))
(push! thread threads:suspended)
(define (thread? thread)
(instance-of? <thread> thread))
(define (thread-name thread)
(slot-ref thread 'name))
(define (current-thread)
(define (thread-start! thread)
(when (member? thread threads:suspended)
(set! threads:suspended (delete thread threads:suspended))
(enqueue! threads:ready thread))
(define-syntax (thread-yield!)
'(call/cc thread-yield*))
(define (thread-sleep! usec)
(slot-set! threads:running 'sleep usec)
(slot-set! threads:running 'waiting 'sleep)
(define (thread-wait-read! port)
(slot-set! threads:running 'port port)
(slot-set! threads:running 'waiting 'read)
;; Set up the main thread
(set! threads:running (make-thread #f 'main))
(set! threads:suspended '())
(define (threads:wrap-io)
"Wrap standard I/O functions in thread yields."
(let ((old-read-char read-char))
(define (read-char port)
(thread-wait-read! port)
(old-read-char port))))
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