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The purpose of this repo is to provide a unified software environment for the participants of the "User identification based on keystroke dynamics" workshop.

We will be using Python 3.6, and the environment will be an Anaconda Environment. The installation takes considerable amounts of time (up to 10min), especially if the network bandwidth is limited, so PLEASE don't try doing it during the workshop.

There is also an alternative (, however we cannot guarantee its reliability -- if you have the option, go with the Anaconda Environment.

Configure your environment with Anaconda

First, you need to install miniconda.

Next, to actually create the environment (named workshop), type:

conda env create -f environment.yml

To activate the environment, type:

source activate workshop

Once you'll get access to the workshop materials, you'll be asked to go to the cloned workshop directory, and initialize a notebook by calling:


And once the workshop is over, you can deactivate the environment by typing:

source deactivate

See the Anaconda docs for more.


You might try out a fairly new service ( and type in the workshop's URL (which will be once it will be made public), choose branch master, and type in the relevant notebook file name: "workshop.ipynb".