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100 days of Angular 2

I'm going to make a crazy Angular 2 app. It's going to take 100 days. I don't know what it will do yet, but I'm going to start from scratch and fumble my way to the finish line. Here's what I want to accomplish:

  • Figure out what the Angular 2 hype is all about
  • Develop in a "dev" environment and publish to a "production" environment every day.
  • Make a bunch of mistakes
  • Hopefully figure out how to fix those mistakes
  • Publish all the code and write daily summaries

What's a better way to learn about Angular 2?

Read my daily summaries on my blog starting at day 1

Running the code

As of Day 5, you can run locally like this (after git clone and npm install):

In one terminal:

npm start

And in another terminal:

npm run backend

And in another terminal:

tsc server/*.ts --watch

Open up your browser and go to http://localhost:8085/ . Note that the back end runs on port 3000, but the server serving up the Angular 2 client knows to forward requests from api/* to the back end server on the other port.

If you want to deploy to producton, you run:

git clone 100-days-of-angular2
cd 100-days-of-angular2/
npm install
npm run build
export NODE_ENV=production
tsc server/*.ts
forever start ./server/bin/www

which will serve the newly created files at dist/ using Express, and Node.js/Express also handles backend server side logic.


My experiment creating an Angular 2 app in 100 days.






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