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Netlify Culture

If a company is as good as the team of people who work there, then a team is as good as it's culture.

We aim to be as intentional as we can in how we scale our org and culture both. Here follows a short overview of our organizational philosophy and our values.

Organizational philosophy

We believe in a clearly defined org. In part because a completely flat org quickly becomes a place where whoever yells the loudest gets their way. And in part because we find it a primary way of setting up individuals for success. If someone at all times know what they are responsible for and - as importantly - what they aren't responsible for, and who in what cases have a final say, then it becomes a lot easier to prioritize your work.

Of course knowing what is expected of you, has to be married to the notion of The Best Idea Can Come From Anywhere.

Netlify is a team of cross functional people that enjoy sharing ideas and tactics inside and outside their own team.

In order for colleagues to share ideas across silos, a culture of transparency and empowerment is needed.


Our values at Netlify are Transparency, Empowerment and Commitment.

There is no way that ideas will spread in an org if you don't know what goes on outside your own silo. Transparency helps us align on common goals, be cross functional, and make everyone feel they are part of 'the big team' as much as their individual team.

Our finest mission to create structures that arms the individual with the right framework that empowers them to make their own decisions on how they best contribute to achieve our goals.

We’re a team pushing a radical idea: the future of the web depends on a healthier ecosystem of tools and methodologies. So, we approach every line of code, support ticket, meet-up talk, sales call, and piece of documentation with a high bar for quality. We’re driven by passion and a firm commitment to do right by our team and our community.

The best idea can come from anywhere

Easy to write, easy to say. The way to live it we find is not by finding a silver bullet but with lots of individual initiatives such as

  • Celebrating each others victories.
  • Intentional knowledge sharing.
  • Video hangouts.
  • Frequent all hands.
  • Share information in a way that the value is understandable for everyone.
  • Have new engineers push to production within 48 hours.
  • Make sure that we create a space where you can always tell your manager anything - without fear of repercussions. In short we aim to create an environment where everyone is not just heard but listened to.


Of course when you have a whole group of passionate, smart and driven people you could easily imagine meetings as shouting matches. This is why we have a strong focus on finding not just passionate people, but empathetic as well. People that will care to have their opinions, but also is open for those of others.

Disagree and commit

Designing by committee shortly put doesn't work. People have different skillsets and different responsibilities. We're not aiming to create a unanimous culture. But a culture where everyone knows when and how to give measured feedback. Where they don't just get a chance to speak their mind to someone who has already made up theirs, but where they are actually listened to. We find that when you succeed in that, then you can get a team to back ideas, even when it isn't their own. We all care and share. Then a decision is made and we move forward in unison.

Team distribution

As mentioned above Netlify is a partially distributed company. More than half of us work remotely and the rest out of our HQ in San Francisco. We're committed to making this work, and have structured work at Netlify to support this. We pride ourselves of having a distributed culture.

Face to face

  • Frequent all hands
  • Lots of video calls
  • Generous conference budget

Knowledge sharing

We aim to be intentional in our online communications whether it be Slack, email, git, notion or google drive.

Work from home days

In HQ, we have 2 work from home days (Tuesdays and Thursday) every week. We do this to ensure that we work together with the remote part of the company as well as possible.

Some leadership is also distributed

We have many leaders that are working remotely. Examples include VP of Marcom, Creative Director, Product Engineering manager, Head of Support.

Career paths for everyone, not just the people in HQ.

We're adamant in having a distributed culture and that also means having career paths for both IC's and managers all the way for remote team members no matter where in the world they are.