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Netlify Team Values

Why do we have values?

  • Builds trust and accountability.
  • Shows unity through a shared vision.
  • Helps us communicate externally who we are as a company and as a team.
  • Gives us a framework to ground our decision making when conversations get tough.
  • Flattens the organization. Guided by these values, critical and complimentary feedback alike can come from anywhere in the company.
  • Sets expectations for what to expect from peers, managers, and leadership.

What are our values?


We’re building a team of smart, passionate people who are empowered to inform our roadmap and set their priorities. We believe the best way to make sure we’re all moving toward the same goals is to foster conversations around where we’re going, how we plan to get there, and how we’re tracking against those efforts. It’s also about making sure people have access to the information and people they need to get their job done and that if something is up, we owe it to each other to voice it quickly.


We believe the best idea can come from anywhere and people do their best work when they feel supported and understood. So, we find ways to make sure everyone knows their value, feels ownership over their work, can weigh in on topics they care about, and can quickly see the impact of their efforts. Beyond just hiring smart, empathetic people, we also foster a culture where there are no dumb questions and people get access to the resources they need to continue learning.


We’re a small-but-mighty team pushing a radical idea: the future of the web depends on a healthier ecosystem of tools and methodologies. So, we approach every line of code, support ticket, meet-up talk, sales call, and piece of documentation with a high bar for quality. We’re driven by passion and a firm commitment to do right by our team and our community. And since high performers can need reminders to put themselves first, our commitment to the team means encouraging everyone to take the time and space to refresh, recover, and maintain a healthy relationship with their work.