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Intended to take from nats subjects/groups and pump data at elastic search. It will create 3 special fields:

  • @timestamp - the unix timestamp
  • @raw_msg - the raw string coming in
  • @source - the subject from the message

    If the data coming in is JSON it will parse that and send that parsed version to elasticsearch.


    If a group is specified it will subscibe that way, otherwise it will just subscribe to the subject. This is useful for scaling out the cluster.

    For instance if you have 3 subjects: logs.file1, logs.file2, logs.file3. To distribute the load across multiple boxes the configuration on each would be:

     "subjects": [
          "subject": "logs.*",
          "group": "shared"

endpoint configuration

It is possible to specify the elasticsearch configuration per subject. If one isn't specified, the default endpoint is used.