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Netlify CMS is a collection of npm packages with their own versions and changelogs, each listed below. The legacy pre-2.0 changelog is below as well.

Core and distributions

Shared libraries


Editor Components


Legacy Changelog

[Unreleased] (demo)

Changes that have landed in master but are not yet released. Click to see more.


  • (possibly breaking): return date object from date/datetime widgets if no format set (@erquhart in #1296)
  • check for title/slug field on config load (@tech4him1 in #1203)

1.9.4 (July 21, 2018) (demo)

Fix multipart extension support for GitLab

Bug Fixes

  • Support extensions with multiple parts for GitLab (@Nic128 in #1478)

1.9.3 (July 3, 2018) (demo)

Fix numbers in TOML output

Bug Fixes

  • fix int value output in TOML format file (@slathrop in #1458)

1.9.2 (June 15, 2018) (demo)

Fix test repo crash

Bug Fixes

1.9.1 (June 14, 2018) (demo)

Fix GitLab Implicit OAuth

Bug Fixes

1.9.0 (June 12, 2018) (demo)

GitLab support is here!!! 🎉🎉🎉


Bug Fixes

1.8.4 (May 25, 2018) (demo)

Fix markdown widget styling.

Bug Fixes

1.8.3 (May 25, 2018) (demo)

Update dependencies.

1.8.2 (May 24, 2018) (demo)

Fix failure to save/publish.

Bug Fixes

  • fix save/publish failure, revert overwrite prevention feature (@erquhart)

1.8.1 (May 23, 2018) (demo)

Allow upload of files larger than 1MB to GitHub, prevent unintentional file overwrites.

Bug Fixes

Beta Features

1.8.0 (May 16, 2018) (demo)

Customizable relation widget display fields, squash merges for editorial workflow, perf improvements.


  • support displayFields config property for the relation widget (@zurawiki in #1303)


  • prevent login for git-gateway backend when Git Gateway is not enabled for Netlify site (@tech4him1 in #1295)


Beta Features

  • support squash_merges config option for GitHub backend (@delucis in #1330)

1.7.0 (April 24, 2018) (demo)

Allow custom auth endpoint, bug fixes.



  • skip validation of optional fields when empty (@Dammmien in #1237)

Bug Fixes

  • fix GitHub auth button icon alignment (@erquhart in #1299)
  • fix Git Gateway login hang (@ekoeryanto in #1240)

1.6.0 (April 19, 2018) (demo)

Markdown toolbar customization, manual date widget entry, bug fixes.


  • Allow markdown editor toolbar customization (@Dammmien in #1236)
  • Allow login screen to be skipped for test repo backend (@erquhart in #1291)

Bug Fixes

1.5.0 (April 11, 2018) (demo)

New time based slug placeholders, set config.yml URL with .


Bug Fixes

Dev Experience

1.4.0 (March 29, 2018) (demo)

Filename creation can now be customized to exclude Unicode! Also, check out the new Beta Features! 💥



Bug Fixes

Beta Features

  • Accept CSS strings in registerPreviewStyle (@erquhart in #1162)
  • Change manual init API to use the same bundle as auto init (@talves and @erquhart in #1173)

4 tha devz

1.3.5 (March 6, 2018) (demo)

Fixes styling issues

  • Revert lockfile update due to breaking changes in css processing deps (@erquhart)

1.3.4 (March 6, 2018) (demo)

Fixes editorial workflow entry failure

  • Fix editorial workflow entries not loading (@erquhart)

1.3.3 (March 6, 2018) (demo)

Fixes load failure

1.3.2 (March 6, 2018) (demo)

Fixes date widget default format, collection load failure when entry fails

Beta Features

  • Allow manual initialization and config injection (@erquhart in #1149)

1.3.1 (March 3, 2018) (demo)

Fixes editorial workflow failure for unknown collections.

  • Report editorial workflow load errors, ignore entries with unkown collections (@erquhart in #1153)

1.3.0 (February 27, 2018) (demo)

Multi-part extensions, e.g. "", a11y improvements in the editor, and bugfixes.

  • Ensure unique id for each editor field (@xifengjin88 in #1087)
  • Fix lists crashing when first value is not a string (@tech4him1 in #1115)
  • Support extensions with multiple parts (i.e. (@tech4him1 in #1123)
  • Fix lost unsaved changes when updating status or publishing from editor (@erquhart in #987)

1.2.2 (February 21, 2018) (demo)

Fixes ES5 transpiling.

1.2.1 (February 21, 2018) (demo)

Allows label_singular config for collections and lists and distinct frontmatter delimiters.

  • Accept label_singular in collection config (@peduarte in #1086)
  • Transpile down to ES5 to support older tooling eg. Webpack 1 (@tech4him1 in #1107)
  • Allow different opening and closing frontmatter delimiters (@tech4him1 in #1094)

1.2.0 (February 13, 2018) (demo)

Adds support for multiple frontmatter formats and custom delimiters, UI improvements.

  • Use babel-preset-env to transpile for supported environments only (@tech4him1 in #765)
  • Change direction of collapsed editor widget arrow indicators (@Doocey in #1059)
  • Support for writing frontmatter in JSON, TOML, or YAML (@tech4him1 in #933)
  • Add collection label next to search results (@solpark in #1068)
  • Support custom delimiters for frontmatter (@Swieckowski in #1064)

1.1.0 (January 25, 2018) (demo)

1.0.4 (January 23, 2018) (demo)

  • Fix markdown widget re-rendering after load (@erquhart in #955)
  • Fix image form not displaying when added as first item in markdown widget (@Dammmien in #926)
  • Add collapse all/expand all functionality to List widget (@drlogout in #912)
  • Add expand/collapse functionality to object widget (@drlogout in #927)
  • Fix vertically centered icon positioning in Firefox (@jimmaaay in #976)
  • Fix new uploads not showing in media library (@tech4him1 in #925)
  • Overhaul widgets section in docs (@hcavalieri in #866)
  • Use proper formatting when writing JSON files (@tech4him1 in #979)
  • Ensure temporary storage is available before attempting to write (@vencax in #550)
  • Show SVG preview images in the media library (@Jinksi in #954)
  • Fix failed PR force-merge showing success message (@tech4him1 in #1016)
  • Fix false proptype warning for collection view (@Quicksaver in #998)

1.0.3 (December 19, 2017) (demo)

  • Fix select widgets with object type options (@tech4him1 in #920)
  • Warn when uploading asset with same name as existing asset (@Dammmien in #853)
  • Fix Slate plugins broken during 0.30 migration (@Dammmien in #856)
  • Fix infinite scrolling for collections with integrations (@erquhart in #940)

1.0.2 (December 7, 2017) (demo)

1.0.1 (December 7, 2017) (demo)

1.0.0 (December 7, 2017) (demo)

The first major release of Netlify CMS!! Here are the big features:

All New UI 💫

The CMS UI has been completely redesigned from the ground up!

  • All new visuals and reprised UX throughout
  • List view/grid view option for collections
  • Deletion now works for editorial workflow
  • Control publishing and editorial workflow status from the entry editor
  • Descriptions can now be added for each collection

All New Docs 💥

The docs at have been rewritten and vastly improved!

  • Full references with code samples for every configuration option, collection type, and widget
  • Easier docs contributions with the website built directly in the repo
  • Updated intro docs with a new Gatsby starter template in addition to the Hugo one


0.7.6 (November 27, 2017) (demo)


0.7.5 (November 19, 2017) (demo)

  • Add private media support for asset integrations (@erquhart in #834)

0.7.4 (November 15, 2017) (demo)

  • Remove trailing slash from directory listing path (@biilmann in #817)
  • Fix images with non-lowercase extensions not being treated as images (@erquhart in #816)
  • Prompt before closing window with unsaved changes in the editor (@benaiah in #815)

0.7.3 (November 11, 2017) (demo)

  • Fix persisting files with no body/data files (@ebello in #808)
  • Fix ControlHOC ref for redux container widgets (@erquhart in #812)
  • Fix entries not saving due to null integrations state (@erquhart in #814)
  • Fix requestAnimationFrame warnings in tests (@tech4him1 in #811)

0.7.2 (November 11, 2017) (demo)

  • Only rebase editorial workflow pull requests if assets are stored in content repo (@erquhart in #804)
  • Fix Netlify Identity widget logout method being called after signup redirect (@tech4him1 in #805)

0.7.1 (November 11, 2017) (demo)

0.7.0 (November 9, 2017) (demo)

Media Library UI

The CMS now features a media library UI for browsing, adding, and removing media from your content repo! The library shows assets in from the directory set as media_library in the CMS config. The media library is fully backwards compatible for existing CMS installations.

All Changes

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