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BitBallon API Client in Go

See the netlify package on godoc for full library documentation.

Quick Start

First go get then use in your go project.

import ""

client := netlify.NewClient(&netlify.Config{AccessToken: AccessToken})

// Create a new site
site, resp, err := client.Sites.Create(&SiteAttributes{
  Name: "site-subdomain",
  CustomDomain: "",
  Password: "secret",
  NotificationEmail: "",

// Deploy a directory
deploy, resp, err := site.Deploys.Create("/path/to/directory")

// Wait for the deploy to process
err := deploy.WaitForReady(0)

// Get a single site
site, resp, err := client.Sites.Get("my-site-id")

// Set the domain of the site
site.CustomDomain = ""

// Update the site
resp, err := site.Update()

// Deploy a new version of the site from a zip file
deploy, resp, err := site.Deploys.Create("/path/to/")

// Delete the site
resp, err := site.Destroy()