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// Code generated by go-swagger; DO NOT EDIT.
package operations
// This file was generated by the swagger tool.
// Editing this file might prove futile when you re-run the swagger generate command
import (
strfmt ""
// DeleteHookBySiteIDReader is a Reader for the DeleteHookBySiteID structure.
type DeleteHookBySiteIDReader struct {
formats strfmt.Registry
// ReadResponse reads a server response into the received o.
func (o *DeleteHookBySiteIDReader) ReadResponse(response runtime.ClientResponse, consumer runtime.Consumer) (interface{}, error) {
switch response.Code() {
case 204:
result := NewDeleteHookBySiteIDNoContent()
if err := result.readResponse(response, consumer, o.formats); err != nil {
return nil, err
return result, nil
return nil, runtime.NewAPIError("unknown error", response, response.Code())
// NewDeleteHookBySiteIDNoContent creates a DeleteHookBySiteIDNoContent with default headers values
func NewDeleteHookBySiteIDNoContent() *DeleteHookBySiteIDNoContent {
return &DeleteHookBySiteIDNoContent{}
/*DeleteHookBySiteIDNoContent handles this case with default header values.
No content
type DeleteHookBySiteIDNoContent struct {
func (o *DeleteHookBySiteIDNoContent) Error() string {
return fmt.Sprintf("[DELETE /hooks/{hook_id}][%d] deleteHookBySiteIdNoContent ", 204)
func (o *DeleteHookBySiteIDNoContent) readResponse(response runtime.ClientResponse, consumer runtime.Consumer, formats strfmt.Registry) error {
return nil
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