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Fail on dependency 'onyxpoint/pupmod-concat', '>=0.0.1' #15

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Similar to example42/puppet-iptables#15
but with other concat module, I don't see the point on having a different concat module for each module , … onyxpoint/pupmod-concat multi/concat ripienaar/concat puppet/concat …


That was a massive update on Modulefiles driven by Geppetto checks.
Going to fix this, just wonder how this did manage to affect you production.
And, btw, sorry for any problem you may have found.


It's ok :) , didn't affect in my prod stage because I usually save the Puppetfile.lock in my repo , but I know that others don't.

Anyway it's a problem with new projects because you have to start to reviewing the --verbose and check what it's failing and set some commit hash to avoid the problem.



Any reason for using onyxpoint's concat module? It doesn't seem to be maintained.


Let's say historical reasons, as the parts with the concat stuff were derived from a module that used pupmod.
If you want to submit a pull request that user ripienaar concat's you are welcomed (as long as it keeps the same behaviour, of course)


Agreed. I can't get zertico/pupmod-concat to work, and I suspect a conflict with ripienaar/puppet-concat that I had already installed. Zertico seems to use the puppet user to read/write in the /var/lib/puppet/concat directory, while another lib is insisting on chown/chmod this directory to root only.

Unfortunately, I have no idea how to replace the concat_build from Zertico. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Any PL with a pienaar-concat module is welcomed, otherwise will do it when possibile


I've committed a fix that replaces the concat module used.
Note that you can manage vhosts in 2 different ways in this module:

  • With nginx::manages::vhost (based on concat)
  • With nginc::vhost (based on plain templates)

Please tell me if this solution works for you and reopen the issue if you have problems.

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