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#!/usr/bin/env python2
import pyeapi
from graphviz import Digraph
#test devices in lab see .eapi.conf file in same directory for connection parameters
switches = ['Arista249', 'Arista250']
def gather_topos(devices):
Function which takes a list of devices as input and runs the lldp neigh command against them
using the Arista pyeapi library
:param devices:
:return: list of lldp neigh output
topo = []
for switch in devices:
node = pyeapi.connect_to(switch)
output = node.enable('show lldp neighbors')
device_neigh = {'name' :switch, 'neighbors': (output[0]['result']['lldpNeighbors'])}
return topo
# runs the gather_topos using the switches VAR from above and captures in the all_devs_neigh... VAR
all_devs_neighbors_output = gather_topos(switches)
def create_topo(dev_name, neigh_list):
Function to take the neighbor list output from a single device and split into the nodes and edges for DOT consumption
:param dev_name:
:param neigh_list:
nodes = [dev_name]
edges = []
for neighbor in neigh_list:
edges.append([dev_name, neighbor['neighborDevice'], neighbor['neighborPort'] + "-" + neighbor['port'] ])
return [nodes, edges]
def join_neighbors(all_devs_neighbors_output):
function to take output of all_devs_neighbors_output VAR and process them through the create topo function above
:param all_devs_neighbors_output:
links_list = []
for device in all_devs_neighbors_output:
dev_links = create_topo(device['name'], device['neighbors'])
return links_list
#gen full neighbors list and edge links
full = join_neighbors(all_devs_neighbors_output)
def clean_full_list(full_list):
"""Function to eliminate multiple nodes from the output of the join_neighbors"""
cleaned_node = []
cleaned_edge = []
for dev in full_list:
for node in dev[0]:
if node in cleaned_node:
for edge in dev[1]:
return [cleaned_node, cleaned_edge]
my_topo = clean_full_list(full)
#Creating the Topo graphic
def make_topology(network_name, mytopo):
dot = Digraph(comment=network_name, format='png')
dot.attr('node', shape='box')
dot.attr('node', image="./images/switch1.png")
dot.attr('edge', weight='10')
dot.attr('edge', arrowhead='none')
dot.body.append(r'label = "\n\nMy Prettier Network Diagram"')
for i in mytopo[0]:
for i in mytopo[1]:
dot.edge(i[0], i[1], i[2])
return dot
dot = make_topology("My New Network", my_topo)
#run the following command if you want to see the object in DOT format
#print dot.source
#render to file