Setup a Meteor server and deploy Meteor apps to it.
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What? is a simple Shellscript to setup a Meteor server and deploy Meteor apps to it.


Because deploying to custom servers should be as simple as everything else in Meteor.

Awesome, tell me what to do.

Before we start: assumes that you have some kind of Ubuntu-Server and root access to it.

Move the file into your project dir and change the APP_HOST variable. will try to SSH as root to APP_HOST.

A note on EC2 support:

If your server happens to be an Amazon EC2 instance, uncomment the EC2_PEM_FILE variable and point it to your pem file. will then do the right things for those instances.

Install the server:

./ setup

This will install Node, Mongo and other dependencies for Meteor and on APP_HOST.

Deploy your app:

./ deploy

Deploys your app to the server and starts it as a service.

Meteorite support will detect if your project uses Meteorite and use it accordingly.