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RubiOD - work with OpenDocument in pure Ruby

The rubiod gem is intended to provide cute ruby-style interface to work with OASIS Open Document Format files. For now it supports some functionality to read/modify OD spreadsheets (.ods).


rubiod works with ruby 1.8.7 or higher. It is dependent on libxml-ruby and rubyzip gems

Download and installation

At least two ways available:

  1. Build gem from source:

    git clone git://; cd rubiod
    gem build rubiod.gemspec
    gem install rubiod-version.gem
  2. Or add following line to Gemfile (if it's in use):

    gem 'rubiod', :git => 'git://'

ODS Showcase

Some examples of work with rubiod

Load rubiod itself

require 'rubygems'
require 'rubiod'

Load spreadsheet

Document initializer takes a path to file or any IO object

spread ='path/to/file.ods')'path/to/file.ods', 'r') do |f|

Extract document parts

RubiOD allows to work separately with worksheets and rows of document:

worksheet = spread['Worksheet']
worksheet = spread[0]

row = spread[0, 10]

row = worksheet[10]

Read data

puts spread['Worksheet', 0, 0]
puts worksheet[0, 0]
puts row[0]

Modify data

Setting new value in a cell:

spread[0, 1, 5] = 'new data'
worksheet[1, 5] = 10
row[5] = object

Inserting new row after specified one, applying the same formatting:

worksheet.insert 10

Deleting an entire row (with shifting lower ones up):

worksheet.delete 11

Apply modifications


RubiOD is released under the MIT license.