Collection of patches our team has created for Nagios 3.x
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Our collection of Nagios patches that either enhance or correct Nagios
behavior in ways we found useful.  All patches in the main directory 
work with Nagios 3.2.0; most should also work with Nagios 3.0.3.  Patches
under specific sub-directories are specific to the version of Nagios specified
by the directory name.

A very special thanks to Comcast, Eric Scholz, Mike Fischer, and 
Jason Livingood at Comcast for allowing us to contribute back work we do as 
a team to open source projects like Nagios.

We are hiring!

xodtemplate.c.patch - Better diagnostic error messages when use_regex is 1 and
                      an invalid regular expression is used in hosts, 
                      hostgroups, contacts, or contactgroups.
events.c.patch      - if use_large_installation_tweaks is set to 1, then
                      do not sleep when a non-runnable event comes up in 
                      the scheduling queue.  Decreased our latency by 40-50%
                      on a heavily loaded poller.

  Add new option, allow_empty_hostgroup_assignment, to main nagios configuration
  file that determines whether or not Nagios will exit with error when 
  services are associated with host groups that are empty (have no host